Cryptocurrencies could soon be legalized in Iran as proposed by President Hassan Rouhani, TrustNodes reported.

  • Rouhani said he wants Iran digital tokens legalized “as soon as possible.” He said the country should look into developing a framework that would oversee and regulate the crypto space in the country moving forward. 
  • The President called for the cooperation of government agencies on capital markets with the media and cyberspace on public awareness and information dissemination on the crypto space.
  • Rouhani maintained that the Ministries of Communication and Information Technology and Energy are responsible for taking power off centers related to crypto mining due to the ban on such activities until September 22.

Iran’s presidential elections are set next week and the stance of the next administration on crypto is still unclear. BTC/USD is up 1.36%; ETH/USD is down 2.38%; and XRP/USD is down 2.96%.