Collective PleasrDAO is selling fractional ownership of the “Doge” meme non-fungible token it bought in June for $4 million, CNBC reported.

  • PleasrDAO fractionalized the NFT through platform, making it equivalent to some 16 billion ERC-20 tokens, which have since been dubbed as DOG. The sale started Wednesday.
  • The DOG tokens are available on and on decentralized exchange Miso. The tokens acquired by an investor will correspond to their ownership stake on the NFT, with PleasrDAO retaining the majority.
  • DOG investors also have a deciding power on the future of the NFT, such as voting before the Doge meme is sold in the future, according to PleasrDAO Chief Pleasing Officer Jamis Johnson.
  • The NFT market saw over $2 billion in transactions this month alone, with several tokens sold for millions. Analysts expect the fractionalized NFT sales to continue moving forward.

The Doge meme is also the face of Dogecoin, which is up 8.31% in the past 24 hours.