Intuit Inc announced better-than-expected full-year results, according to a news release by Intuit Inc on Tuesday.

  • The quarterly non-GAAP earnings per share was $1.97, and quarterly revenue was $2.56 billion, up 41% from $1.8 billion in the last year.
  • Intuit’s full-year reported earnings per share was $9.74, and total revenue rose by 25% YOY to $9.6 billion.
  • The company’s Q4 Consumer Group revenue was $852 million, compared to $710 million in the prior year.  The Consumer Group revenue increased by 14% to $3.6 billion.
  • Small Business and Self-Employed Group revenue rose by 19% to $1.3 billion in Q4 as the full-year revenues grew by 16%.
  • Intuit’s online services revenue also grew by 35% for the quarter and 27% for the full year. Growth in the revenues was backed by QuickBooks Online payments and QuickBooks Online payroll.

Intuit forward guidance expects the first quarter of 2022 to record 36% to 38% growth in revenues. For the full year 2022, the company forecasts revenue of $11.05 billion to $11.2 billion, a growth of around 15% to 16%. INTU up +2.59% Pre-market