American semiconductor firm Intel Corp. has rolled outs its second-generation BItcoin mining chip with a more efficient hash rate, according to a report on Coindesk.

  • General Manager Jose Riso said the chip — dubbed as the Intel Blockscale ASIC — will assist firms in hitting their sustainability and hash rate scaling targets in the coming years.
  • The chips have a hash rate capacity of up to 580 gigahash per second, and power efficiency of 26 joules per terahash, with miners continuously seeking to boost their mining power to remain competitive.
  • Intel’s Balaji Kanigicherla said the company’s decades of research and development in cryptography and hashing techniques have enabled blockchain applications to boost computing power, without leaving out sustainability.

Cryptocurrency mining has long been involved in environmental issues, with firms seeking to boost mining efficiency to address concerns. INTC is up 1.33%, and BTC is down 0.49%.