China’s state-owned vaccine manufacturer Sinopharm was found to have successfully prevented symptomatic infections of COVID-19, Bloomberg reported.

  • Two inactivated vaccines made by Sinopharm deterred symptomatic infections by 78.1% and 72.8%.
  • The late-stage trial covered 40,832 volunteers across the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, and Jordan.
  • Volunteers were split into three groups — two groups for the two vaccines, and another given placebo shots. Doses were given three weeks apart.
  • Two weeks after administering both doses, infections were reported in 26 of the volunteers given the WIV04 vaccine, 21 of those given HBO2, and 95 given the placebo shot.
  • There were no reported severe infections among the volunteers, based on the results submitted on March 17.
  • Most or nearly 85% of the volunteers were men, while less than 2% were over the age of 60.
  • The vaccines manufactured by Sinopharm unit China National Biotec Group Co.
  • Findings were released in the May 26 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

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