Hot Profit Robot is a robot that was introduced to the Forex community in a short way. We don’t have backtest reports, only real account trading results. 

Hot Profit Robot: Characteristics

The system’s features are placed in five blocks with some explanations provided. 

Hot Profit Robot: Characteristics

We have picked the best ones for you to check and form a vision of the system:

  • The advisor can execute orders for us automatically. 
  • We may do nothing in addition. 
  • The system was tested on the over 10-year tick data from a broker. 
  • The robot works on the markets 24/5. 
  • The system is featured by various notifications: email, mobile, and push. 
  • We can rely on support if something happens. 
  • There’s a user guide that is easy to follow. 
  • We can get detailed documents after subscription. 
  • The system places SL and TP levels for each open deal. 
  • The advisor calculates lot sizes for each order based on the margin that’s available. 
  • We may set lot sizes whatever we want to work with.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

Hot Profit Robot Strategy

The robot opens trades based on the three introduced strategies:

  • Range Trap. “Though potential profits are low in a ranging market, EA has its medium-range strategy focused on SnR and a unique candle pattern to trade bounces from the top and bottom.”
  • Momentum Rider. The advisor opens short period orders when the market experiences high impact news moves. 
  • Trendcapture. “Hot Profit Robot is focused on using fundamental and technical analysis to identify and follow the strong long-term trend of a Forex currency.”
  • It works with sixteen cross pairs on the unknown time frame. 

Hot Profit Robot Trading Performance

Alas, the presentation doesn’t have backtests but it must have because trading results showed that the system works unpredictably and it needs to be tuned.

Hot Profit Robot trading results

The robot executes orders on a real account created on FBS automatically with 1:500 leverage through the MT4 terminal. The account has a verified track record and verified trading privileges at the same time. It was created on June 08, 2021, deposited at $7,906, and withdrawn once at $869. Since then, the absolute gain has amounted to 58.56%. An average monthly gain is 39.55%. The maximum drawdown is 82.32%. The data looked moderated. We clearly remember the absolute gain was approximately 95-100%. Now, it’s 58%, and there are no lost deals according to the chart. 

Hot Profit Robot drawdown

The system works with periods of huge drawdowns. 

Hot Profit Robot advanced statistics

The advisor has traded 272 deals with 761.7 pips. An average win is 14.77 pips when an average loss is -25.42 pips. The win rate is 70% for Longs and 70% for Shorts. An average trade length is 24 hours. The profit factor is 1.31. It was 1.80 several weeks ago. 

Hot Profit Robot trading results

GBPUSD is the most traded (41 deals) and the most profitable ($868) cross pair. 

Hot Profit Robot trading results

The advisor works during all trading sessions. 

Hot Profit Robot trading results

The robot trades unpredictably during a week. 

Hot Profit Robot trading results

The account is set in medium risks. Losing seven orders can trigger losing 10% of the balance. 

Hot Profit Robot trading results

The expert advisor uses Martingale to increase Lot Sizes when it’s needed. 

Hot Profit Robot monthly gain

The system is such a young trading solution. 

How much does it cost?

Hot Profit Robot price

There are three subscription packages available. The Mini pack costs €17 for a week. The Smooth pack with a lower risk costs €64 for a month. The Aggressive pack with the optimized risk costs €99 for a month. They have the same list of features: one trading account license, support, automated trading on MT4. 

Reviews from customers

Hot Profit Robot - Reviews from customers

We’ve got a company’s account on Forex Peace Army with no reviews or rates. They commented on real account trading results on this page. It’s a good sign.

Should You Use Hot Profit Robot?

Real-account trading resultsNo team revealed 
Strategies explanations provided No settings explanations provided 
Affordable pricingNo risk or deposit details provided 
Martingale strategy is on the board
No lifetime license provided
The robot is a young trading advisor
No people testimonials published 


Hot Profit Robot is a robot that works with Martingale on the real account. Our personal experience says that there should be up to a 90% win rate to use Martingale successfully. We don’t know if the system handles medium-high-risk trading on the real account for half a year. Now, it’s not the right time to buy it.