Cannabidiol or CBD is now popping up in cosmetics and beverages in Hong Kong to cater to those seeking to ease pain or soothe anxieties, according to Bloomberg.

  • Hong Kong in 2018 decided not to crack down on CBD. ITs Secretary for Security said CBD is not classified as a dangerous drug as it does not have the perception-altering properties of THC.
  • Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe Found has boosted monthly sales fivefold since opening in June.
  • Craft brewery Young Master introduced a CBD-infused beer in August. It sells about 10,000 cans per month, and founder Rohit Dugar expects to double sales over the next year.
  • Coffee shop Elixir has also allowed customers to add CBD drops in drinks. Owner Rity Wong said customers who tried it rose to 300 in February versus 10 in the first month.
  • Still, companies aren’t allowed to claim medical benefits unless the product is classified as a prescription in medicine. There are currently no registered pharmaceutical products that contain CBD in Hong Kong.
  • China last month proposed a ban on CBD in cosmetics. The compound is also banned in food and drinks.