HAS Forex Robot is described as an original automated killer. According to the vendor, trading with the EA is like having a Forex master on your side. It can locate large trend trades by just monitoring eight different time frames simultaneously. But is the system worth the hype? Let’s find out in this HAS Forex Robot review.

HAS Forex Robot is the creation of Forex Robot Trader (FTR). The company comprises a team of programmers who are on a mission of providing the best Forex robots for this market. Their real identities and detailed profiles are not indicated, though.

HAS Forex Robot: characteristics

The features of the robot as described by the vendor are listed below:

  • To use the robot, you need a computer and an internet connection.
  • It runs on the MT4 terminal and can work with any Forex broker that supports the MT4 charting software.
  • It executes all trading decisions without any human intervention. 

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

The robot can trade any currency pairs, commodities, stocks and monitor 8 different timeframes instantaneously. 

HAS Forex Robot applies the trend strategy. It particularly looks for huge trends by monitoring 8 different time frames at once. The ‘Heiken Ashi Smoothed’ indicator is used to show the direction of the trend and the change in volatility so as to identify the appropriate time to enter and exit the market.

HAS Forex Robot trading performance

There are no backtest results of this robot on its sales page. So, we are not sure if the devs tested its strategy or not. It’s very crucial to measure the statistics of a system prior to asking traders to commit any real money to the market using it. The devs need to show the public that their trading tool has a statistical probability of success over a long time period. 

Live trading stats are available, but they are not verified. There’s no way of confirming if the statistics we are supplied with are authentic or not. This is because the team is not using any statement sharing services like FXBlue or Myfxbook. As you can see below, the vendor wants us to believe that the EA generates thousands of profits monthly. Between September and December 2021, the robot made more than $55,000 worth of profits for the user. 

Monthly profits.

Below, we look at the performance of the system in the month of December 2021. 

Live trading results.

The EA closed with a profit of $56024.80 after engaging in 424 traders and winning all of them. We highly doubt if this kind of win rate is possible considering how the Forex market is awash with numerous risks. Some losses here and there are expected. A total of $5956691.93 is still available for trading. 

How much does it cost?

This robot costs $49. Although the price is quite appealing, a money-back guarantee is not part of the package. 

The EA’s price.

Reviews from customers

There are numerous reviews on FPA about FRT’s products, and most of them are not good. We managed to find a handful of testimonials that touch on the performance of HAS. One of the customers admits that the robot made him consistent profits. Another trader raised some serious concerns about the tool. According to him, the default profit targets were seldom reached as most trades got stopped out of the minimal profit of 20 pips. He also suffered a few losses after winning some trades. 

Customer review.
User review.

Should you use HAS Forex Robot?

Reasonably pricedBacktest results are missing
Trading strategy is revealedThe available live trading data are unverified
Team members are not introduced


The vendor provides a detailed explanation of how the robot looks for trading opportunities in the market. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t have verified trading stats. It’s also suspicious that the devs are selling it very cheaply despite claiming it generates thousands of profits monthly.