Happy Trend is a Forex robot that trades in multiple currency pairs and claims to capture the proper trend movement every time. It is supported by verified trading statistics and high-quality backtesting data. You can run it on multiple operating systems and it doesn’t take a large deposit to get started with this EA.

Happy Trend: characteristics

The EA is compatible with operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux, and Mac OS. You don’t need to make any manual inputs to make this EA work, which makes things easier. Happy Trend supports different types of accounts like standard, mini, and micro.  Compared to other EAs, it has a low minimum deposit of $100, which makes it suitable for beginners.

As per the vendor’s claims, it is very easy to get started with this robot. Unlike other systems, it doesn’t use risky trading strategies like grid, martingale, and hedging that can drain your account quickly. It supports ECN brokers and is able to perform auto-quotes detection up to 4 or 5 digits. 

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

This is an EA that operates in highly volatile markets. It opens a maximum of one trade on a single pair with the help of a news filter. This means it scans the Forex-related news releases to gauge the impact of the same of the price of the pair. It manages to capture the correct trend movement while employing efficient money management principles. 

Happy Trend uses dynamic stop loss and take profit to make precise market entries. The developer claims that this trading system is suitable for expert traders as well as those without any prior introduction to Forex trading.

The EA supports currency pairs like AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, and USD/JPY. We don’t know which timeframe is most suitable for this robot. For the live trading account on Myfxbook, it uses a leverage of 1:500. 

Happy Trend trading performance

Backtesting results of EUR/USD on the official website.

For this backtest, the EA conducted a total of 181 trades on the H1 timeframe. It used an every tick model and a modeling quality of 99.90% for performing this test. Out of 181 trades, it managed to win 150, which means it had a very high win rate of 82.87%. Thus, it managed to win a total net profit of $241.09 between January and December 2020. 

The profit factor for this backtest was quite impressive at 2.08, while the relative drawdown was only 6.48%. Looking at the low drawdown, we can tell that the vendor’s claim of the EA not using a risky strategy is true. There were 29 maximum consecutive wins and 3 maximum consecutive losses for the testing period. Thus, it is clear that the EA generated profits at a steady rate during the historical test.

Here we have a live trading account on Myfxbook that was launched on 7th September 2021. To date, the EA has conducted 343 trades through this account, winning 298 of them and maintaining a profitability of 87%. The win rate is even higher than what we saw in the backtesting results, but the profit factor is comparatively lower at 0.64.

Trading results of Happy Trend on Myfxbook.

From the trading history, we can see that the previous 20-30 trades have all been conducted with a lot size of 0.04. The average trade length is 6 hours and 21 minutes, but sometimes the EA gets in and out of trades within a few minutes. It doesn’t suffer losses frequently, but the account carries a high risk of ruin, considering the drawdown of 34.78%. The average win and loss are 3.37 pips / $1.59 and -33.25 pips / -$16.43, respectively.

How much does it cost?

For two real-account licenses, you need to pay only 299 Euros, while five licenses cost 499 Euros. Compared to other Forex EAs, the pricing plans are quite cheap. When you purchase this EA, you get the Happy Forex Full Pack containing 10 EAs for free. Moreover, there is a 30% discount applicable for both plans. The vendor also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.\

Reviews from customers

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Should you use Happy Trend EA?

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Verified trading results No customer reviews
Money-back guarantee
Compatible with multiple pairs 


Happy Trend has a very high win rate, although it trades with high-risk. Compared to other EAs, it is quite affordable. The developer has a reputation for manufacturing profitable EAs and this is no different. Furthermore, the special offer gives you 10 EAs for free.