Happy Market Hours allows the users to be flexible in their trading strategies as its UI is friendly, even for beginners. It trades best on the following currency pairs: EURUSD, EURCHF, EURGBP, USDCAD, USDCHF, GBPUSD. The developers state that it works best on Standard and ECN accounts and shares the robot’s backtesting records and live trading results on the homepage. We will use all this information to review this robot below comprehensively.   

Happy Market Hours EA: characteristics

The robot can work on your PC if you follow the following steps carefully:

  1. Purchase the robot from its website
  2. Download the EA files onto your PC. Then Launch MT4 platform
  3. Drag the EA files onto the charts section and begin trading


The EA has the following features:

  • It comes with a Spread Filter feature, which stops trade if the broker spread is too high.
  • It can trade on large client accounts on the MetaTrader platform, reflecting a robust algorithm.
  • It is 100% fully automated. 
  • It works on all types of accounts: Mini, Micro, Standard, and ECN.

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

The developer states that the robot uses a scalping strategy with technical indicators on multiple currency pairs. It does not employ a grid or martingale approach. From Myfxbook history, we observe that it holds trades for a few pips profit. The average trade duration of 57 minutes refers to a semi scalping approach. 

Trading history on Myfxbook.

Happy Market Hours trading performance

The vendors are pretty transparent because they have provided us with the backtesting results for the EURUSD currency pair. They are between 2005.01.03-2017.03.27 for the M15 charts. These stats use a 90% modelling quality which is good. 

From the numbers, it can be inferred that the maximum drawdown shown by the system was 11.32%. The initial profit of 1000 was turned into a total net profit of 28511188.59, which is impressive. The results showed a spread factor of 2 and the robot participated in 1775 trades, out of which 77.75% were profitable. This reflects a reasonable winning rate, which is bolstered even more by the profit factor of 1.61. The largest profit trade was $600000.00, while the loss was -$407840.00.

The backtesting records of the system on the Happy Forex website.
The backtesting records of the system on the Happy Forex website.

Myfxbook results have been provided for the EA on the website as an image hyperlink. The system shows an absolute gain of +5.41% with a relatively safe drawdown value of 14.55%, reflecting Happy Market Hours’ stability. Deposits stand at 5000 USD with a profit accumulation of 270.65 USD until this point. The product has a winning rate of 61% from 377 trades. The profit factor is valued at 1.07, with an average trading length of 58 minutes. 

Verified trading results for the robot on Myfxbook. 

How much does it cost?

The robot is sold on the website for 299 Euros for 2 licenses and 499 Euros Euros for 5 real account licenses. Payments are accepted through Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, and many others. 

With each purchase, users get access to unlimited demo accounts, free lifetime updates, 24/7 customer support, & some bonus products from the parent company, Happy Forex. All customers are entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Reviews from customers

Customers are pleased with the robots the Happy Forex company offers, which can be verified from the excellent 4.5-star rating of the company on Trustpilot. However, we couldn’t find any review for this EA.

A page of Happy Forex on Trustpilot.

Should you use Happy Market Hours EA?

Happy Market Hours provides satisfactory results with low drawdown, precise information on used techniques, & a good profit factor of clearly defined currency pairs. This shows us that this is a high-performance EA. 


  • Transparency level is high as backtesting records and live results are shown
  • The algorithm does not use risky strategies like a grid, martingale, etc.
  • The company has a good rating on third-party sites


  • The robot is not compatible with MT5


Happy Market Hours is a reputable system due to good loss control and secure operating algorithm. The vendors are open about their practices and there is no implementation of risk averaging or martingale strategies.