Happy Gold is an expert advisor that uses multiple strategies to provide stable profits. As the name implies this FX EA works on the XAUUSD pair. Happy Forex is the developer and promoter of this FX robot. As per the vendor, this system has undergone 99.9% optimization in the MT4 platform. The tweaks ensure the best stability and high returns for users. 

Happy Gold: characteristics

Features and recommendations for Happy Gold EA.

According to the info present on the official site, this gold scalping system does not use high-risk approaches like hedging, grid, or the Martingale method. The important features that this EA has are ECN broker support, automatic detection of quotes up to 4 or 5 digits, and a 100% automated system. 

The minimal requirements for this EA include the presence of the MT4 or the MT5 platforms, an ECN account, and a minimum deposit of $100. From the info seen on the official site, this EA has undergone several updates and the features added in each update are provided. This system is in Version 2.0 now. It includes the addition of a fixed trailing stop for the scalp-swing strategy.

Currency Pairs, strategy & timeframe

The grid news, swing, and scalping methods are mentioned as the main strategies this FX EA uses. A modified ZigZag indicator is also used with the strategies. Multiple timeframes are used which include H4, H1, M30, and M15. 

As per the vendor, the indicator tracks all the extreme positions and connects them with the distance between the positions being higher than or equal to the price scale percentage. The EA opens only one open trade at a time. 

Market sentiment is used to assess the hard SL and the dynamic TP positions. A broker with low slippage and a maximum spread of 20 pips is recommended by the vendor.

Happy Gold trading performance

A few backtests are provided on the official site. Here is a strategy tester report for this EA working on the XAUUSD pair using the M15 timeframe from January 2019 up to December 2019. 

Backtesting report for Happy Gold EA.

From the above report, we can see a total net profit of 2352.62 was generated for an initial deposit of $1000. A profit factor of 1.93 and a maximum drawdown of 12.11% were present for the account with the total number of trades being 421. Profitability for the account was 94.06%. A lot size of 0.21 was used for the account. From the results we can see the profit made is not high and the big lot size indicates a risk approach.

The vendor provides a real-live trading result for this FX EA verified by the myfxbook site. The real USD account using the VT Markets broker and automated trading method on the MT4 platform with the leverage of 1:500 is shown here.

Growth curve for Happy Gold EA.
Advanced trading stats for Happy Gold EA.

From the trading stats, we can see that the total profit generated is 98.09% and the absolute profit is 98.09%. The daily and monthly profits for the account are 0.68% and 22.61%. A drawdown of 8.24% is present for the account which started trading in June 2021 with a deposit of $5000. The profit gained is $4904.70. 

A total of 62 trades have been executed with a profitability of 85%. The average win came at 60.85 pips and the average loss value at -79.22 pips.  The profit factor value is 4.15 and the trading history shows varying lot sizes ranging from 3.03 up to 3.22. The big lot size indicates a risky approach and the frequency of the trades is very low. While the profitability looks decent, the profits gained look suspicious as there is a big difference in the values when compared to the backtesting results and the real trading info.

How much does it cost?

Pricing package of Happy Gold EA.

This FX EA is available for €299 which includes two licenses of 10 expert advisors. For 5 licenses, the cost is €499 for the package of 10 EAs. In the Happy Gold package, you get three versions of the EA including the scalp-swing, grid news, and the MT5 version. 

A 30-day money-back guarantee is present for the account along with free upgrades and updates. The number of demo accounts you can use is unlimited. A user guide for installation and trading is also part of the package.

Reviews from customers

We could not find user reviews for this FX EA on reputed review sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. The lack of user feedback indicates this is not a popular ATS in the market. 

Should you use Happy Gold Robot?

Fully automatedNo explanation of the strategy is given
Verified trading resultsTrading results show a risky approach


Happy Gold assures stable profits with its effective trading strategy. Our assessment of the features, backtests, real trading, and other aspects, show that this is not a reliable EA. While the real trading results show a decent profit value, they look suspicious. The big lot sizes used also indicate a high-risk approach. With downsides of such magnitude, we do not recommend this EA.