Happy Frequency is an automated trading system that works with several strategies to make profits for users. The EA was recently revised. As such, the update sought to fix algorithm opening trades for Combi Risk (CR) and fix a small bug in call ContentSize for News which doesn’t impact trading. 

Happy Frequency was developed by the Happy Forex team. The devs are unknown since there is no info on the website that tells us who they are or where they are based at. Other than that, we believe that they are a very active bunch, having developed numerous trading algorithms over the years. Examples of the EAs you can find in their portfolio are Happy Breakout, Happy Fast Money, Happy News, Happy Trend, and Happy Gold, etc.

Happy Frequency: characteristics

The EA has the following characteristics:

  • It works on all account types, including micro, mini, ECN, and standard accounts.
  • It is fully automated and easy to set up.
  • Auto-quotes detection 4 or 5 digits.
  • The supported trading terminal is MT4.
  • It’s compatible with the following operating systems; Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • The minimum recommended deposit is 4000 USD or USC 40.
  • Since the system runs 24 hours daily, a VPS is needed.

Currency pairs, strategy, & timeframe

Happy Frequency is designed to trade on the following pairs; EURGBP, EURJPY, GBPUSD, EURCHF, AUDUSD, EURUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY. The recommended time frame is M5. 

The EA works with more than one strategy. It applies the concepts of the grid, trend, hedge, and semi-martingale strategies and trades according to the risk you set—low, middle, or high. A news filter is featured to protect the robot from losses that are brought about by a news release. 

Happy Frequency trading performance

Backtesting results are not available. It is possible that the devs didn’t test the system to see how it works on past trading data. 

The EA is currently running several accounts on Myfxbook. We will look at the results produced in one of them here. 

Live trading stats on Myfxbook.

We can see that the above account was launched in July 2020 and deposited at $4000. The EA has managed to make a profit of $3843.25 for it to date, which translates to a 96.08% growth rate. The daily and monthly profits are 0.11% and 3.42%, respectively.

Trading performance.

There are 5335 completed orders, which have attained win rates of 81% for long positions and 80% for short ones. On average, the holding length for a trade is 3 days. For now, we have an average win of 19.67 pips against an average loss of -46.25 pips. The profit factor of 1.86 suggests that the system earns almost $2 for every dollar risked. 

Weekly trades.

The EA is very active all through the week, but it carries out most of its trades on Monday. 

Monthly gains for 2021.

The profits produced between January and September 2021 were consistent, so it was easy to forecast how the EA worked in the market.  

Trading history.

The robot worked with the grid approach without martingale. Short time frames were applied. 

How much does it cost?

The vendor charges € 299 for two licenses or €499 for five licenses. So, you can trade on 2 or 5 real accounts based on the package you pick. Features included in these packages are; free updates, upgrades, a 30-day money-back guarantee, a complete tutorial guide, and unlimited demo accounts. You will also get the Happy Forex full pack that consists of other 9 EAs for free. 

Reviews from customers

Happy Frequency has zero customer feedback. It is highly likely that traders have not sought its services. 

Should you use Happy Frequency?

Live trading results are present on MyfxbookBacktest results are not featured
Multiple currency supportDoesn’t have user feedback
Consistent performance
Trading strategies are revealed


Happy Frequency has shown consistent monthly performance in the live account it is trading on Myfxbook. The system has also successfully run the account for nearly two years and completed thousands of trades while at it. The strategies applied are indicated, which allows the trading community to know how the EA approaches the market.