Halliburton Company posted an increase in the third-quarter net income from $227 million in Q2 to $236 million, according to a news release by Halliburton on Tuesday.

  • Halliburton’s total revenue for Q3 of 2021was $3.9 billion, an increase from $3.7 billion in the second quarter of 2021. Operating income increased to $446 million in Q3 from $434 million in Q2.
  • Completion and production revenue of Halliburton in Q3 rose by 4% to $2.1 billion, driven by increased activity across multiple product service lines.
  • Jeff Miller, Chairman, President, and CEO stated that the third-quarter performance signals the effectiveness of both their strategy and execution. Both total revenue and adjusted operating income rose by solid margins in Q3, 4%, and 6%, respectively.

The Houston-based company expects structural global commodity tightness drives to increase demand for their services. The company stated that it is uniquely positioned in both international and North America to benefit from improving the environment. HAL down -0.42 Pre-market trading.