We’ve prepared a review of the Grid Master Pro robot. Let’s check the presentation to figure out what we’re offered.

It doesn’t matter what day you look at FXAutomater’s presentations we’ve got the same timer. The robot has been introduced to us as the Most Succesful Expert Adviser. This robot is a professional version of free EA: BF Grid Master EA. The robot has been developed to trade mostly one currency pair GBP/USD. It was designed to find the best moment for making entry.

The devs provide the minimum requirements:

  • The minimum starting money should be $1000
  • The advance starting capital equals $3000
  • AutoMM greater than 0.1 isn’t recommended (the annual return should be 15-30%)
  • GBP/USD currency pair
  • M15 Time frame
  • The default setting is quite aggressive, so, they can be changed if needed
  • The backtest method to run is M15 by every tick, fast one is M1 open price

grid master pro settings

The devs explain to us how to customize settings.

Grid Master Pro’s features & backtests

Comparing to the free version, the forex robot has got three more strategies. There have been added Advanced Time Management system, Notification System, Friday Exit System, Advanced News Filter and we have added additional parameters for making Grid Master PRO more flexible. As well, the robot has got a feature that how devs said didn’t exist on the market. It allows a safe “high frequency” scalping when the price is in a narrow range and as well the second line of distant drawdown compensating trades in case of the market price breaks in the wrong direction.

grid master pro features

As we can see, there is a double profit difference between free and paid versions of the fx robot.

The full list of features looks like:

  • Overbought-oversold trend filter
  • Short only and Long only option
  • Add on and the Second line of recovery option
  • News filter
  • High effectively trading logic
  • Email and cellphone notifications
  • Time management system
  • Friday exit system

grid master pro backtests

grid master pro backtests

As we can see from the backtests, the robot provides is quite a solid profit factor (3.85) with the high DDs as well (40%). The win-rate is very high too and equals 80%.

Customers’ feedback

grid master pro customers’ feedback

grid master pro customers’ feedback

There are some screenshots from the MQL5 discussion Grid Master Pro. The dev answered some of the questions directly about the robot performance and settings.

Trading results from the official myfxbook account

grid master pro myfxbook

The real USD account has been running since August 2019. Devs use FXOpen as a brokerage company, trades with 1:500 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. During the period, the robot provided +50% of the gain. It’s a very solid result. The monthly gain is high and equals 8.77% with high DDs (34%). 

grid master pro advanced statistics There have been traded little trades (125) but many pips (1288). The robot trades only longs, so, the win-rate equals 69%. The average trade length is 2 days. The profit factor is overwhelmingly high and equals 4.19. It’s huge. There are little robots across the web that can do like that. 

grid master pro monthly gain

As you can see from the screenshot of the chart results are quite impressive.

Grid Master Pro Pricing

grid master pro pricing

Grid Master Pro costs $100 with -30% OFF. We’ll get a real account, three demo accounts, support, and, as usual, the 6-0day money-back guarantee service.

Grid Master Pro Review Summary


  • High profitability
  • Good money management
  • Support
  • You know who’s really the robot’s dev
  • Cheap price
  • Well-explained settings


  • Only half a year of real trading results

It was a good robot to review. It has backtested data, real account data, the dev answer questions directly on forums. As usual, FXAutomater explains very-well all settings, rising the trust level to the robot and company in general. Like most of their products, devs set the cheap price. $100 is nothing for the robot that is able to provide +8% of the monthly gain continuously. The final decision is up to you, so, be sure that you get enough of your own demo data collected to run it on the real account.