Green Graph EA is a trading advisor that has mediocre presentation. There are some explanations about how the system performs. The developers hide information about trading strategies on the board.

Green Graph EA: Characteristics

Let’s figure out what settings, strategies, and feature the system has got:

  • Green Graph EA trades fully automatically without a need for human intervention.
  • The robot executes only safe trading.
  • Smart Trade management reduces loss chances.
  • We can start trading without previous experience.
  • We can use our broker or pick a recommended broker.
  • The money management feature cares about open deals.
  • “EA is connected to the Green Graph website server where AI keeps revising the ticks and develops an algorithm for future trades.”
Green Graph EA Characteristics
  • We can’t check these numbers. So, let’s be it.
  • It works with low drawdowns.
  • Minimum MT4 Account Balance: $100.
  • Minimum MT4 Account Leverage: 1:500.
  • The default settings shouldn’t be changed.
  • We have to run it on a good internet connection, otherwise VPS.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • The EA calculates the best entry position and time using its special algorithm based on EMA, stochastic, RSI, and some mathematical formulas. 
  • The main symbols are EUR/AUD, EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, and GBP/USD.
  • The time frame for backtest was H1. So, it can be for live trading too.

Green Graph EA Trading Performance

Green Graph EA Trading Performance

It’s a backtest of GBP/USD on the H1 time frame. The absolute gain was 91,269%. An average monthly profit was 41.85%. The maximum drawdown was 31.17%. The robot has closed 894 deals with 8511.4 pips. An average win (22.43 pips) was almost equal to an average loss (-28.63 pips). The win rate is 74% for both directions. An average trade length is almost twelve hours. The Profit Factor was 3.64.

Green Graph trading results

Long and Short directions were traded equally by a number of deals and profits.

Green Graph trading results

The risks were low.

Green Graph Myfxbook

The robot works on the real (USD Cent) account on RoboForex automatically with 1:500 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account has a verified track record. It was created on March 25, 2021, deposited at $5,000, and withdrawn at $5,860. Since then, the absolute gain has become +104.84%. An average monthly gain is 104.84%. The maximum drawdown is 37.91%.

Green Graph drawdown

Several weeks ago was a period of big drawdowns.

Green Graph advanced statistics

The robot has closed 387 deals with 1456 pips. An average win is 17.62 pips when an average loss is -29.84 pips. The Longs positions win rate is 63% when Shorts win rate is 73%. An average trade length is over fifteen hours. The Profit Factor is 1.61.

Green Graph trading results

It trades many symbols, focusing on EUR/AUD, EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, and GBP/USD. The most profitable and most traded is EUR/GBP with 132 deals and $3774 of the profit.

Green Graph trading results

The robot scalps during night hours, trades the European market opening, and a high-impact news period.

Green Graph trading results

The most-traded compared to other days are Tuesday (106 deals) and Friday (95 deals).

Green Graph trading results

The robot runs the account with low risks.

Green Graph trading results

As we can see, the system closes deals before they reach SL levels if needed.

Green Graph monthly gain

The system is so young and unpredictable.

How much does it cost?

Green Graph price

There’s a single subscription option. The package costs $45 monthly with $35 OFF. It includes one real or demo account license, free updates, a 30-day money-back guarantee, 24/7 support.

Reviews from customers

Green Graph Reviews from customers

There’s an account created on Forex Peace Army. The trading results are connected to it as well.

Should You Use Forex Green Graph EA?

Strategy explanations providedNo team revealed
Backtest reports providedNo settings explanations provided
Real account trading resultsNo risk advice given
Affordable subscription option providedThe system is so young for being a good advisor
30-day money-back guaranteeLack of people feedback on Forex Peace Army


Green Graph EA is such a young EA to work with. It performs a Grid strategy based on the explained indicators. The system has only two months of trading results where the first one was closed with solid loss and the second is going to be closed with significant profit. We’d like you not to hurry with it. It has to be checked for 3-6 months or so.