Grayscale Investments has rebalanced its Digital Large Cap Fund to add Chainlink to the portfolio, the company announced in a statement.

  • As part of its quarterly review, Grayscale adjusted the fund’s portfolio by selling existing components in proportion to their respective weightings. The proceeds were then used to purchase Chainlink.
  • Chainlink is a decentralized data routing protocol built on Ethereum. Its native token LINK is used to incentive node operators to provide oracle services.
  • As of the end of April 2, 2021, Bitcoin accounted for the majority of the fund components accounting for 79.8%, Ethereum with 17.5%, Bitcoin Cash with 0.80%, Litecoin with 1.00%, and Chainlink with 0.90%.
  • Shares represented 0.00046619 Bitcoin, 0.00287637 Ethereum, 0.00046869 Bitcoin Cash, 0.00166308 Litecoin and 0.00973831 Chainlink.
  • The fund does not generate any income and regularly distributes components to pay for its ongoing expenses. The amount of components represented by each share gradually decreases over time.