Google’s artificial intelligence unit DeepMind sought independence but was unable to do so, the WSJ reported.

  • Founders of DeepMind tried to seek autonomy, and the firm be restructured similar to non-profit organizations, saying that the AI under development should not be controlled by a single corporation.
  • DeepMind in April told staff that Google stopped the talks, ending years of negotiations on the matter.
  • DeepMind is in the process of developing an advanced AI that can perform tasks as well as humans, which it said could help answer pressing and fundamental scientific challenges.
  • DeepMind Co-Founder Demis Hassabis said the AI research and its application would be taken a closer look at by an ethics board composed mainly of senior Google officials.
  • Google bought DeepMind for $500 million in 2014. It is estimated to have about $1,000 employees, mostly researchers and engineers.
  • Google earlier said the technology is key to its future, noting that parent Alphabet Inc. poured in billions in AI.

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