Alphabet Inc is reviving big stock splits to the market to allow prospective buyers to own shares without needing over $3,000, according to a report by Bloomberg on Wednesday.

  • The reducing prices makes it possible to place America’s third-biggest company into its most respected stock average.
  • The company stated on late Tuesday that it will expand its outstanding shares by 20-to-1 ratio, seeking to attract many small investors to the stock market during the pandemic.
  • The shares surged 10% in pre-market trading on Wednesday, and were likely to top their record high achieved last November.
  • Ruth Porat, Alphabet’s chief financial officer stated the reason for the split is to make shares more accessible.
  • For retail traders, a lower stock price makes it easier to purchase shares rather than buying fractional stocks via their brokers.

Alphabet’s 20-for-1 split would cut the price of Class A shares to nearly $138, depending on Tuesday’s closing price of $2,752.88. GOOGL up +9.96, Pre-market trading