Google has delayed plans to scrap third-party cookies until late 2023, almost two years forward from the planned early 2022, according to the Wall Street Journal.

  • The delays happen amid heightened regulatory scrutiny and criticisms by private advocates and advertisers over Google’s approach to replacing the cookies.
  • Google expects the delay to allow the advertisers, publishers and regulators to familiarize with new technologies it is developing for targeted ads to replace cookies.
  • The search engine giant wants to test and integrate its cookie-replacement. technologies into the Chrome browser by late 2022 before giving users 9 months to migrate.
  • The decision by Google reflects challenges tech giants are facing in the wake of more demands for privacy protections, while safeguarding the $455 billion online-ad ecosystem.

Google faces antitrust scrutiny by the European Union over its plans to remove cookies while it also faced a similar lawsuit in the US in December.

GOOGL: NASDAQ is up +0.082% on premarket.