The UK Competition and Markets Authority says Google has made commitments on the controversial plan to block third-party cookies on Chrome browser, according to Reuters.

  • CMA says Google has committed to reducing access to IP addresses and clarified limits on data it can use. The regulator says it will follow up on the new commitments until December 17.
  • The news came after the UK antimonopoly regulator faulted Google’s move to block some cookies in its initiative, “Privacy Sandbox,” aiming to protect user confidentiality. The regulator said Google’s move would cut off competition in the digital advertising space.
  • Google defended its “Privacy Sandbox,” saying that users need more privacy on the web, including maintaining anonymity on the sites they visit. 
  • Digital advertising players faulted Google’s move saying it would make it difficult to obtain information for personalized ads, making them more reliant on the search giant’s databases.
  • CMA now says the settlement underscores the importance of protecting online publishers in the advertising space while ensuring that users’ privacy is maintained.

The digital ad sector is a $250 billion industry across the globe, and changes made with the UK regulator are expected to be rolled out worldwide.

GOOGL: NASDAQ is down 0.36% on premarket.