A top official of Goldman Sachs London has reportedly quit after receiving hefty gains from the recent surge of Dogecoin, EFC reported.

  • Managing Director and Head of Emerging Market Sales Aziz McMahon reportedly resigned and may be starting his own hedge fund.
  • The investment bank and McMahon did not comment on the matter, but colleagues confirmed the exit.
  • Dogecoin hit a record-high 73.15 cents over the weekend, buoyed by the hosting of popular crypto investor Elon Musk on Saturday Night Live.
  • Other officials at financial firms have also jumped ship to move to the cryptocurrency space.
  • Former Bank of America Senior Quantitative Analyst Luyi Zhang moved to Coinbase as a senior software engineer, while former Nomura Executive Jesse Bornstein moved to Stakehound as Vice President of Institutional Sales.
  • A headhunter said a number of talented individuals have migrated to the crypto space over the past four to five years.
  • Many of those who transitioned were programmers, quants, traders, and executives from banks, funds, and trading firms. 

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