General Motors will supply Navistar International with fuel-cell electric technology for a new semitruck, according to CNBC. The deal includes privately held hydrogen-fuel company OneH2, which will be responsible for hydrogen production, storage, delivery, and safety to fuel the truck.

  • GM will provide Navistar with “fuel-cell power cubes,” each containing more than 300 hydrogen fuel cells along with thermal and power-management systems.
  • Hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles are viewed as a long-range solution for the trucking industry in attempts to shift from diesel-powered vehicles. 
  • J.B. Hunt Transport is expected to be the first customer to pilot the semitrucks and hydrogen fueling system at the end of 2022.
  • The first trucks under the arrangement are expected to be available for sale in 2024.

General Motors stock is declining as Navistar International gains. GM: NYSE is down 4.80%, NAV: NYSE is up 0.045%.