Global smart manufacturing revenue is expected to hit $540 billion in 2025 on the back of the metaverse’s capacity to fulfill work-from-home demands, TrendForce reported.

  • A recent investigation conducted by TrendForce found that global smart manufacturing revenue will increase at a 15.35% compound annual growth rate across the 2021 to 2025 period and surpass $540 billion in 2025.
  • TrendForce said the increase would be driven by industrial applications taking place in closed environments, as firms that use such applications have boosted digital transformation efforts.
  • Companies will also be able to cut down their employment costs, project time, and waste resources as developed simulation technologies also serve as the backbone of cyber-physical systems.

TrendForce believes the direction of metaverse-based digital twin application development for industrial efforts will focus on human resource training, among others. FB is down 0.96%.