Our review should start with the words about its effectiveness. These robots provide a good level of interaction in the Forex market. Trader’s Sun & Trader’s Moon is a very profitable and reliable robot, created for trading in the Forex market, its development was handled by the famous Forex expert Alden Matteo and his team of professional traders of the world level.

FXTraderKit Detailed Review

Trader’s Sun & Trader’s Moon is a new type of forex robots. The trader is provided with the opportunity to choose their trading strategies to better match their trading style and achieve the desired (high) goals of possible profit due to holding successful trading operations in the market with the help, which meets all the needs of the modern trader.

Trader’s Sun & Trader’s Moon is an automated, modern, multifunctional software aimed at perfect execution of all trading operations that are usually performed by currency traders, and above all: technical and fundamental analysis, prediction of the current situation on the market, management trader capital, opening purchase and sale orders, closing orders and many other professional, useful and necessary functions for the modern trader.

Trader’s Sun & Trader’s Moon runs on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

Trader’s Sun can work with a variety of currency pairs, including:


Trader’s Moon can work with a variety of currency pairs, including:


Trader’s Sun & Trader’s Moon has been developed following all modern standards of quality, it meets all world standards, this software is multifunctional, well tested. Using Trader’s Moon, a trader can safely expect a monthly stable net income of 10-25% with DEFAULT settings and 100-500% stable profit using the ADVANCED settings. The maximum loss is 60%!

Forex robots can track the current settings of both commercial and non-commercial financial advisors.

The procedure for installing this software is extremely easy and simple, it can be strengthened by any trader!

Trader’s Sun & Trader’s Moon Trading Strategy

The developers of FXTraderKit claim that they work in accordance with a strategy that ensures that their system operates at 30 percent monthly profit, and thoroughly tested this strategy, which works and real accounts to prove these facts. Developers have included screenshots of the back-testing results of two trading accounts, high- and low-risk transactions that have impressive performance.

backtesting results

But you don’t have to trust the strategy and testing that strategy to make the decision to buy a robot, as the strategy can be wrong in many ways. First, the strategy is not subject to independent review and does not link to the actual test results page. Each strategy contains specific settings that are used to produce irritating results, such as timeframe, spread levels, stop loss, commission ratio.

Trading Results

Created in the Myfxbook account showed an absolute increase of 239.08% with a maximum drawdown of 31.02%.

What you should know before using FXTraderKit

Low Risk and Minimum Deposit: The most powerful part of FxtraderKit is the trader’s own choice of trading strategy and flexible customization of the fx robots themselves. Without the use of aggressive trading strategies, any trading action is subject to minimal and manageable risk.

A drawback in terms of traders is that developers are pushing for their automated trading system, FxtraderKit, but they are not very interested in explaining to potential buyers how it is achieving this performance. They just highlight important details such as testing and strategy. This may mean that developers are hiding information or have no experience with forex market automation and industry operations.


FxtraderKit attracts traders through an informative website. Brief and interesting statements made by the developers of this system briefly characterize all the activities of the robots. However, there is a lack of important information that traders need to make an informed decision.