The first impression of FxStabilizer website is how well designed it is. It looks sleek and professional. And unlike most other forex robot sales pages, it is quite filled with the information the buyer can use before they purchase.

Sure, they don’t explain everything. But at least, they took some time to explain to potential buyers (you) what to expect from their automated forex trading systems.

Nevertheless, is that info enough to prompt you to buy the robot? In this review, you’ll know if FxStabilizer is a worthy purchase or not. 

FxStabilizer Characteristics

The owners of this forex robot aren’t known anywhere. Their location is also unknown but one thing is apparent: He/she isn’t a native English speaker. 

The EA is 100% automated and comes in 2 mode settings. Durable setting which produces stable profits but a safe risk exposure. Turbo setting which promises you very profitable results but is riskier. Something like a martingale. 

fxstabilizer This Forex EA has been in the market since 2015. To set up the software, you simply install and set the preferred settings depending on your risk appetite. The developers admit that it’s not the best forex robot out there, but they’re confident it’s the most reliable/ durable forex EA you could possibly ever find. 

Currency Pairs, Timeframe And Strategy

First, Fx Stabilizer robot comes in two packages. The Fx Stabilizer Pro where you can trade 8 pairs. And The Fx Stabilizer Ultimate where you trade 6 pairs. 

The most traded pairs are AudUsd and EurUsd. The other pairs include UsdCad, UsdJpy, ChfJpy, EurJpy, EurGbp, and GbpChf. The latter two are the extras you get with Pro package. 

fxstabilizer myfxbook

Most trades last for less than a day and have an average of 50 pips each. There’s no specific strategy explained by developers. 

The leverage used is 1:500.

Trading Results

Initially, I found myself impressed by their progress. I mean, the Myfxbook results on their page are quite impressive. Couple that with the ‘backtest results from 1997’ and it’s easy to get sold to this forex robot. 

I later saw this account from Ultimate package that was created as recently as March 2019. From it, the robot was doing quite great. Averaging 40% monthly profits. 

Everything was fine. Until this past week of Aug where 99% of the account was wiped clean. From their trading history, they’ve been on a very bad streak from a few pairs. But still, an account getting blown completely (especially this quick) should be enough to make you stay away. 

This isn’t just a fluke. Another real account from 2017-2018 shows the same results. That(yen) account started with a deposit of ¥70,000. During that period that the robot was running, more than 95% was blown. These are results of over one year of trading. 

Pricing And Refunds

fxstabilizer review

The FxStabilizer Pro costs $739 and comes with licenses to one live account and 3 demos. You also get an extra license to Unlocked features. And you get access to the EUR/USD and AUD/USD separate software that was created initially.  

The Ultimate package costs $539 and comes with one live account and 3 demo account licenses. The difference is with this you trade 6 instead of 8 pairs. 

They claim you’re given a 30-day money-back guarantee but the reality is far from that. Complaints of clients not getting their money back are more than one. 

Recommended Broker And Balance

There’s no recommended amount balance but all their accounts show at least $1500. There is no recommended broker either but among the ones they use is FBS. If you have a question regarding either of these, best consult with them. 

fxstabilizer monthly analytics

Customer Reviews

Sorry but, the clients don’t seem impressed either. This client claiming about margin call seems quite similar to the account highlighted above that shows 99% drawdown. 

Considering the accounts are 3 years apart, it makes sense to accept that Fx Stabilizer Forex Robot is actually NOT profitable. 


Don’t believe what you see on their page. Sure, this forex robot can make money sometimes. Considering it was averaging 40% for 5 months earlier in the year. But whatever caused it to crash like that within a day or two, is enough reason to steer clear of this Forex EA. 

Besides, it has happened in at least 3 separate accounts in 3 different years. Past results do not guarantee future performance. But they sure as hell are a good indicator.