FXSecret is a web-based resource for traders that provides automated advisors for Forex trading. The development team officially launched the platform in 2012, however, the first profitable robots from FXSecret worked in 2009. The company applied the accumulated experience of trading in the financial market and developed a portfolio of automated experts of a new generation for traders. Advisors of different types allow you to diversify the risks from trading or use a combination of various strategies to improve efficiency. FXSecret Immortal is a harmonious combination of three robots combined in one expert. If necessary, you can use all three systems simultaneously or choose the most profitable now.

FXSecret Description

The FXSecret Immortal system automatically calculates lot sizes and stops trading if the operation is negative. In the settings of the adviser, you can specify the desired parameters of trading, which makes the robot flexible and can adapt to any market conditions. FXSecret developers regularly update the product and service. After the user purchases, round-the-clock technical support, private traders’ communication zone, detailed instructions are available. The site contains reports and analytics trades. All systems have worked on real accounts since the launch of the FXSecret site. Such a long time of testing confirms the reliability of the expert advisor. Trading results are backed by MYfxbook website reports and show a 90% profit.


Product Features

The FXSecret Immortal portfolio includes a combo of 3 different strategies. The package price is 549 dollars. In addition to the license for each account, the price includes lifetime support 24/7, the ability to change account settings an unlimited number of times and quick default settings. For each adviser, you can open 1 real account and several demo accounts. If within 30 days the adviser did not meet expectations, the purchase can be returned. If you lost more than 50% using the recommended settings, they will return immediately.

Advisor FXSecret Immortal trades at certain hours, analyzes and identifies trends for the next few hours or days. It can trade with specified risks and desired returns. It trades EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY currency pairs with the H1 timeframe. It is compatible with any MetaTrader4 boxer. You can take any leverage. The minimum deposit is $ 1,400 or $ 700 for aggressive trading.

FXSecret Immortal Trading Strategy 

The FXSecret Immortal system works based on several advisors simultaneously. Two of them are FX Stabilizer and FX Charger. The very formula of the work is secret for all third-party users. Details and subtleties of the work are covered in a private trading club, access to which is obtained by all owners of the automated adviser. One of the used modes of operation is the night scalper. The forex robot trades at night, choosing the appropriate periods on its own. The robot also works with grid trading. This means that forex EA increases the transaction volume each time the previous transaction is closed at a loss. Thus, it is possible to provide constant capital gains.

Live trading results

All systems and combinations are independently tested by developers on real accounts. The total score is from 2013. In 2018, we began to test the new combination of FXSecret Immortal. She showed an excellent result, increasing the percentage of profits from 2800% to 91000%. At the same time, the curve on the graph steadily rises, except for a sharp jump in January 2019.

If you plan to start trading, we recommend study carefully statistics not only showed period, but period before. The screens from history of deals below:

fxsecret trading history

User Reviews

Traders note the high profitability of the robot, ease of use and excellent service platform. Site rating 4.37 out of 5 points based on the opinions of 38 users.

However, here some negative reviews, that says about excessive loses, caused by robot.


Multipurpose system of automated advisors FXSecret Immortal of the last generation allows you to trade different strategies and combine them depending on the market situation. This approach greatly increases the efficiency of the robot, guaranteeing a profit of up to 90%, as we was informed on site. Doubt, it is true, when see this:

fxsecret monthly gain

Advantages of FXSecret Immortal:

  • the ability to open demo and live accounts for each account;
  • money-back guarantee;
  • quick installation and ready settings;
  • access to a private club of traders;
  • combining different trading strategies.


  • A limited number of currency pairs.
  • The only available timeframe configuration.