FXQuasar is said to be a cosmic Forex Advisor that works on the MT4/5 platforms. The devs claim that they have incorporated a special risk limiting system in this EA, which is meant to safeguard you from losses. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. As you will see later in this review, the system has a high losing streak. 

The people who developed this trading tool are anonymous. We cannot emphasize the importance of vendor transparency enough. It is the best way to create trust between sellers and buyers because a fully open company projects an image of a business that is honest, and therefore, trustworthy. In this regard, we are forced to conclude that the vendor of this robot is untrustworthy. They must be hiding something about the true nature of their product, and they don’t want to be held accountable should traders find out. 

FXQuasar: characteristics

The system features the following:

  • It has a mode that makes it compatible with NFA regulated brokers.
  • It can work on any type of account.
  • The system comes with a detailed user manual, free updates and customer support.

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

The EA mainly supports the AUDUSD currency pair. However, we don’t know the timeframe or the minimum deposit that is required to get the EA running. This info has been kept under wraps. 

The vendor does not provide much insight on the trading style the program uses. The available info is that the EA doesn’t utilize indicators and works directly with quotes and internal algorithms to assess the market’s current condition, as well as assess price changes over the previous days. The results obtained are then used to decide if to open a position or wait and the direction to trade. 

FXQuasar trading performance

Below are the results of the EA’s trading on historical data for numerous years. 

Backtest results for the AUDUSD pair.

We can see that the system underwent some testing from January 2015 to September 2021. This report shows a total net profit of $3,425,803.93 from a deposit of $1,000. The profit earned was insanely high, and we doubt if such an amount can be achieved in real market conditions within such a short period. 

We have 1362 trades. Out of these, the short positions won were 75.03%, and the successful long positions were 73.81%. The EA had a high losing streak. This was illustrated by the average loss trade of -$12186.49 that was higher than the average profit trade of $7521.98. With a profit factor of 1.81, it is clear that even though the system demonstrated a high profitability rate, the losses made were equally high. The massive drawdown of 78.22% further illustrates this truth. 

Live trading results are also available, and we have assessed them as follows:

Trading statistics.

Currently, the robot is operating a real USD account on Myfxbook.com. The account runs on the MT4 platform and the leverage used is 1:500. Since July 6, 2020, the EA has managed to complete 317 trades and attain a total gain of 518.8% from them. So, we have a profit of $10,376.05. There is a huge drawdown of 32.77%, an indication that the strategy applied is inherently risky. 

Performance of trades.

We have win rates of 74% for long positions and 73% for short positions. The profit factor is 1.80. This means that for each $1 risked, a return of $1.8 is expected. The average win is 39 pips, whereas the average loss is -$101.68 pips.

Performance of AUDUSD pair.

The EA mainly took short positions — 190 trades.

Account’s risk of ruin.

From the table above, we can tell that the robot engages in risky trading activities. So, the account is on the verge of being wiped out. Seventy eight consecutive losses are enough to run it down. 

Monthly gains.

July was the most lucrative month with 22.21% profits. Unfortunately, the gains have taken a downward trend since then. 

How much does it cost?

FXQuasar costs $279. At this price, you will receive a 1 lifetime license of the EA, and the possibility to change the account number online and trade on demo or live accounts. The vendor also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

FXQuasar’s price.

Reviews from customers

FXQuasar doesn’t have any customer reviews on reputable sites like FPA or Trustpilot. It’s highly likely that no trader is using it currently. 

Should you use the FXQuasar robot?

Free updatesVendor transparency is absent
Its live performance can be tracked on MyfxbookUnclear strategy explanation
High drawdown
No customer feedback


Although the system makes substantial profits, its strategy also carries some elements of risks that could eat away your capital within a short time. Furthermore, the vague strategy description and lack of vendor transparency are indicators of a dealer who is hell bent on escaping responsibility in case the program doesn’t work in favor of traders. Therefore, we believe that this is not a product to rely on.