fxProud Expert Advisor is a foreign exchange robot powered by technology and advanced artificial intelligence that claims to help traders earn profits. It claims to be an expert advisor which offers its clients useful advice on currency exchange rates. There are experienced forex traders, analysts and computer programming experts involved in the financial and investment industry who are in the management team of fxProud.

About fxProud Expert Advisor

fxProud offers two membership programs to its customers. 

Gold Membership

  • This membership is available at $299. It offers – 
  • Two accounts.
  • Twelve months license.
  • Free updates.
  • 24/7 email support.

VIP Membership

This premium support is available at $399. Here are the many benefits of the account  

  • Three accounts.
  • Twelve months license.
  • Free updates.
  • 24/7 email support.
  • 24/5 remote support.

fxProud demands that their customers are protected by an authorized reseller of fxProud named Click2sell.org. The team also offers a 30 days moneyback guarantee. If the customers are not satisfied with the forex robot, then they can get a full refund.


The fxProud management team believes that advanced AI is a better option than a human brain when it comes to predicting patterns accurately. fxProud forex advisor uses AI to find the best currency pairs for trading mathematically. The system functions by taking data from numerous inputs, testing the price fluctuation hypothetically and offering outputs in terms of previous trends. 

The team promises many benefits to its clients which includes:

  • No human intervention: All tasks are performed automatically, bringing a practical solution for all traders.
  • User-friendly: The setup is quick and easy with just a few basic steps. Both novice and expert traders can use it effortlessly.
  • Manage trading operations: Different activities are performed according to preset rules for the management of all assigned tasks like finding suitable currency pair, sending orders and adjusting profit levels.
  • Money management: The clients can manage trading related risks easily.
  • Supports all account types: All types of accounts can use it including standard, micro, ECN and NDD accounts.
  • No hedging or scalping: Not using scalping or hedging ensures to make the best and long-term successful investment decisions.
  • Multiple currency pairs: By using advanced algorithms, the system continuously checks for the best pairs. After that, the most profitable exchanges are found by drawing maps.
  • Continuous updates: The algorithms are updated constantly as the market changes. It helps traders to follow the right trend.
  • 24/7 customer support: The wise and experienced team is always available for the clients to seek advice in aby time of issue regarding the installation and utilization of fxProud.

Trading strategy

fxProud’s trading strategy is about a multi-currency trading system to check simulated backtest reports for all currency pairs separately. For example, to check the Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar report, you can check AUDCAD. To check Euro vs the Great Britain Pound report, you can view EUROGBP.

fxproud strategy test

Trading Results

fxProud has been trading on multiple currency pairs. The quality of their function, the live tests with a $10,000 deposit can be viewed on Paxforex.com. You can also view the backtest reports on Myfxbook.com and review the live test details. 

fxproud myfxbook results

fxproud myfxbook results

According to the Myfxbook account of fxProud, $10000 has been deposited and withdrawals are zero until now. The account was registered on August 31 in 2018. The profit is $21840.42. It has maintained equity of $30438.96 which is 95.6%. The amount was highest on May 7, at $41886.62. Overall, the gain is +218.4% with a daily average of 0.25%. This report is updated to the current day and constantly updates in every few minutes. The track record and trading privileges are verified, so the report can be trusted.


Even though fxProud has been around for quite some time now, we are unable to find any customer review or positive reviews about the fx robot. It raises the question about the effectiveness or the actual number of people using it and the profits earned by them. Though the robot promises huge profits, it is recommended to be safe and wait for some more time before using it.