FX Hunter claims to be a new generation FX robot that uses the Grid approach for high profits at low investment. The ATS achieves high profits with its inbuilt indicators that help in precise entries. The vendor claims that the EA uses the Martingale approach when the grid strategy does not result in the correct entries. All open orders are clumped together as baskets and closed on reaching the target.

FXHUNTER: Characteristics

FXHUNTER: Characteristics

As per the vendor info, this FX EA uses an advanced grid principle, which helps in the precise geometry of the open baskets irrespective of the spread, slippage, and other such market conditions. This MT4 tool works by opening multiple orders of diverse sizes that have a similar direction also called a basket. The individual orders are termed as levels. On a different price direction, the EA includes new levels. The TP position is the same for all the orders belonging to a basket. On reaching the target price, the orders are closed. 

The vendor mentions that this EA provides many options for managing the risk. This provides an opportunity for account protection and regulation of risk level based on your personal preference. The control indicator is another feature that helps in managing the risks during trading of multi-currency pairs. The vendor does not provide info on the location address or phone contact. The main support feature is the online contact form which we feel is insufficient.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

As per the developer info, this FX EA uses the Grid and Martingale principles for trading. Both the approaches are considered high-risk methods by many traders. From high drawdowns to complete blowing up of accounts, the approaches can easily put your capital at risk. However, the vendor does not explain the risk management features it uses for countering the high-risk strategies. 

While the vendor mentions the ATS works on all currency pairs, there is no mention of the timeframe or the minimum deposit amount. In the FAQ section, the vendor states that this FX Robot can provide stable trading on all brokers other than the NFA regulated brokers that ban simultaneous long and short trades. A leverage of 1:300 and above is recommended for reducing the margin load on the deposit you make. 

FXHUNTER Trading Performance

The vendor provides backtests for this FX EA starting from 2008 up to 2016. The backtest done on the AUDNZD pair using the five-minute timeframe is shown here.

FXHUNTER backtests

From the strategy tester report, we can see a modeling quality of 99.9% is used. An initial deposit of $5000 has resulted in a net profit of 27440.56 and a profit factor value of 2.18. With 70.51% profit trades and a maximum drawdown of 23.62%, this system does not provide as high profits as claimed by the vendor. 

A real USD cent account using the Forex4you broker and the leverage of 1:500 on the MT4 platform is shown here.

FXHUNTER trading results
FXHUNTER trading results

From the trading stats, we can see the total profit is 88.31%, while the absolute profit is 45.0%. The difference between the two values indicates a high-risk approach. Other stats include a daily and monthly profit of 0.03% and 1.24% respectively. A drawdown of 70.05% is present for the account which is very high and not at all acceptable. From the advanced stats, 1216 trades have resulted in a profit factor of 2.29 and profitability of 70%. The trading history reveals a lot size of 0.04 is used for the trades.

Comparing the backtesting results with the real account results, we can see that the drawdown is higher in the real account trading and profits are also not appreciable. We suspect that the high-risk approach is the main reason for the low profits and high drawdown values.

How much does it cost?


A subscription format is used by this FX EA for pricing. The one-month plan costs $29 while the three- and six-months plans cost $69 and $121 respectively. An unlimited plan is available that costs $500. The price for the plans includes a single account, full support, free lifetime updates, and a 30-day return policy. When compared to competitor price ranges, the plans offered by this EA look affordable for the one- and three-month plans.  

Reviews from customers

We found one user review for this system on the Forexpeacearmy site. Here is a screenshot of the feedback.

FXHUNTER Reviews from customers

From the review, done in 2018 it is clear that the profits shown by the vendor on the verified results do not work on the user account. The feedback also mentions poor customer support features.

Should You Use FXHUNTEREA?

30-day money-back guaranteeHigh drawdown in real account trading results
Verified trading resultsNegative user reviews
Lack of vendor transparency


FXHunter claims to provide high returns with minimal risks. But our evaluation reveals many shortcomings in this system. While the money-back guarantee makes the system look dependable the other features are not as effective. The lack of vendor transparency, poor performance, high drawdown, and negative user reviews indicate this is not a reliable EA.