FXFLIGHTPRO is an automated trading system that is used to profit in the foreign exchange market. The product is positioned as innovative development and a proven trading system that can change the approach to forex trading: today you invest in the program, and tomorrow you start making money. Let’s check what is behind these strong promises. We will study the information and evaluate this robot according to the following scheme: first, we look at the reputation of the developers; after we delve into the programmed strategy; in the end, we consider the published evidence. If everything is good with the product, then it will cope with the proposed scenario and demonstrate its effectiveness.

FXFLIGHTPRO Characteristics

Professional traders, information about which is not published on the site, developed the FXFLIGHTPRO Expert Advisor. These traders offer to connect the product and get maximum profit with little risk – a great option for novice users who, instead of monotonous studies, can immediately switch to the 24-hour mode of successful trading. The authors also assure that their program will fully pay for itself after the first trading session.

The program can be purchased using two tariff plans: for $ 175 and $ 215. In the first case, you get four licenses, and in the second case, you can install this fx robot on an unlimited number of trading accounts.

After payment you will receive an adviser who will automatically open positions and manage trading risks around the clock – you just need to set everything up once and go do your own thing. FXFLIGHTPRO is compatible with any forex broker that supports the Metatrader 4 terminal. Moreover, the product is periodically updated and new upgrades are built-in without the intervention of a trader – that is, the forex robot will somehow improve and you won’t even know when and how it was. To clarify the details, you can contact the round-the-clock technical support, which accepts calls only through the template form in the Contact Us section. Consult by phone or online chat will not work.

There is no other useful information on the site and everything else is just marketing rubbish – many promises, for which there is no evidence at all.

User Agreement Features

We go to the section with the published terms and conditions, where representatives of FXFlightPro are required to publish reliable data. Here we see the following:

  • The company reserves the unilateral right to terminate or amend the terms of the current agreement – the decisions taken take effect immediately and do not depend on the interests of customers.
  • FXFlightPro is a product for independent investors who can independently determine the suitability of any trading strategies. Therefore, if you buy the program and lose, then you will be to blame for the losses.
  • FXFlightPro employees do not have the right to give any advice on the adviser issued: they cannot explain its working principle, talk about expected drawdowns and profitability, probable risk and other important parameters. The user must buy the product himself, understand his working mechanism and, in case of failure, take full responsibility – in the world it is difficult to find a similar type of business where such absurd conditions of service are set for the client.
  • The company does not guarantee profitability and does not make statements that you can at least earn something. The advisor is sold only for personal use, in all scenarios of which any kind of commerce is excluded.
  • You can only buy a product for one live trading account. In all other cases, fines (from $ 500) and litigation may accompany any unauthorized use of the adviser. If you lose, in addition to the fine, you will be forced to pay for the services of all the specialists that FXFlightPro engaged to protect its robot.

If we collect the puzzles of the user agreement in one picture, then an incomprehensible product appears before us with unfavorable purchase conditions. At the same time, even if there is a person who will buy and earn all this, the company has the exclusive right to select a license or disable the FXFlightPro robot.

Affiliate program

We believe that over time, the FXFLIGHTPRO trading adviser will receive the active promotion since partners will be able to receive 30% of the revenue for each license sold – this is about $64.5 per standard license. There are no special requirements for partners and you can work immediately after two registrations: first you need to get an affiliate link, and then connect to the payment acceptance service (it takes up to 3 minutes to complete the procedure). Commission payments are accrued once a month two weeks after the previous month.

Trading Performance

The service does not offer transparent trading statistics. The site has a link to several accounts of the FX Blue service; however, they come with significant drawdowns and show results only for the last 2.5 months. From this information, it is not clear how true it is and why it can be trusted – there is no responsible person behind these accounts who is ready to answer all questions.

We independently conducted an additional check and found previous requirements for the size of the minimum deposit. If you plan to trade in safe mode, then the FXFLIGHTPRO Expert Advisor will require at least $3000. For medium-intensive trading, you will need $2000, and for aggressive speculation – $1000. Add any of the recommended amounts to the cost of the license and you immediately get a significant price tag that you do not want to lose.


FXFLIGHTPRO is a little-known trading advisor that appeared in 2019 and cannot be considered as a tool for investing money. The project has no obvious advantages, and among the shortcomings, we would like to note the following points:

  1. There is no data on the developers: it is impossible to understand who is hiding behind the phrase “professional traders” and why you can entrust your money to these people.
  2. There is no information about the trading strategy: it is not clear how the program works and due to what actions it can generate profit.
  3. No real transaction statistics have been published on the site: it is unclear whether the robot can generate revenue and how it will look in the long run.

 If you use the adviser FXFLIGHTPRO and you can earn a stable income, write about it in the comments. We will certainly take into account your experience and complement the review. In the meantime, the product is raw and unsuitable for use.