FXDC HEDGER EA is an expert advisor offered by FX Deal Club or FXDC. This firm provides PAMM-management services to traders. It claims to have a trading experience of 20 years as it has been active since 2001.

However, this seems unbelievable because their Myfxbook account is created very recently, that is, March 2021. So, how can we trust its claim of having 20 years of trading experience? In order to know more about this firm and its hedger EA, read the following review.

FXDC HEDGER EA: Characteristics

FXDC HEDGER EA is a hedging system that employs artificial intelligence so as to gain profits and diminish the risks involved in Forex trading. Some of its features include:

  • 100% adaptive
  • Based on support and resistance levels and price movement, along with the hedging strategy
  • Combines simple settings and powerful trading procedures
  • Protects your account from high drawdowns
  • Makes 10% or more profits on a regular basis
  • Recommended currency pair is EUR/JPY 

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

As mentioned above, FXDC HEDGER EA works best on the EUR/JPY currency pair. It uses support and resistance levels and price movement with a distinct hedge trading system to carry out trades. The EA uses the H1 or one-hour timeframe.

On its website, the company advises you to not open any manual trades or use different expert advisors on your account. If you do so, this trading system will not function since it best works alone. When using it, make sure you close any open trades in your account, otherwise it will not run.

FXDC HEDGER EA Trading Performance

There are no trading results for this system, which means we cannot know about its performance. Plus, an absence of trading results means we cannot verify the claims of the vendor about its product.

FXDC HEDGER EA trading results

When it comes to the backtesting results, they are shown on the system’s official website but we cannot locate the strategy test reports as the link is broken. Therefore, we conducted our own research and found the backtesting results on Myfxbook.

The EA started the road test on January 8, 2019 till September 4, 2020. It worked on ‘Every Tick’ model at 99.9% quality. The EA provided a gain of 17656.52% at a deposit of $100. A daily gain was 0.86%, which is much less than what the vendor claims, that is, 10% daily profits.

The drawdown value was 82.43%, which is quite high. The profit factor was 2.29 with 2226 completed trades. An average win was 26.65 pips with an average loss of -38.38 pips. Plus, the average trade duration was 21 hours and 14 minutes.

FXDC HEDGER EA advanced statistics

How much does it cost?


FXDC HEDGER EA is offered at $499, which is quite high as compared to other fully automated systems. There are no more packages or price options for this system. At this price, you get free updates, unlimited accounts, round-the-clock customer support, and unlimited lifetime usage.

There is no money-back or refund guarantee with this EA. This shows that you cannot trust this system as once paid, you cannot get your money back if you don’t find it satisfactory.

The EA recommends you to start with a balance of $1000, even though it can also work with $100 using the set files. The recommended leverage is 1:400 or more and it can work with all brokers.

Reviews from customers

FXDC HEDGER EA Reviews from customers

There are no customer reviews for FXDC HEDGER EA. However, there are reviews of the FXDC firm on the forexpeacearmy.com. There are three reviews with an average rating of 4.3. All three reviews are positive, wherein customers praise the performance of the trading system. However, since there are no user reviews of FXDC HEDGER EA, we cannot trust this EA.

FXDC HEDGER EA Reviews from customers

Should You Use FXDC HEDGER EA?

100% automated systemHigh and upfront pricing
Backtesting results are providedThere are no trading results
No customer reviews were provided on official or third-party websites
Only works with one currency pair
No information about the development team


There are many drawbacks of FXDC HEDGER EA. First of all, there are no trading results provided. There are backtest results but they show a high drawdown, which indicates high risks. Plus, the results depict very low daily gains as compared to what the vendor claims.

The price of the EA is very high with one-time upfront fees. There is no money-back guarantee, which otherwise would have helped us to try this system. Plus, there are no user reviews of this EA. All of these points make FXDC HEDGER EA look unreliable and unprofessional. Thus, we would advise you not to use this risky system.