FXZipper is another powered by Forex Store robot. As usual, for that type of expert advisor, the presentation has no explanations or additional information. We have only trading results and backtests to check.

FX Zipper: Characteristics

The system has several lines of features:

  • The robot works automatically, placing orders for us.
  • It sets Take Profit levels, but if the market stops moving in the right direction, it closes it asap.
  • The system scalps without showing to a broker that there’s scalping software.
  • An average profitable deal is from 6 to 12 pips.
  • The average trading length is around several hours.
  • The system includes a feature that “postpones the opening of a trade by signal if it has become unprofitable due to a sharp price increase, requotes, or a fleeting increase of spread.”
  • The robot needs an ECN account with a VPS service.
  • It can hide Stop Loss and Take Profit levels from a broker.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • FX Zipper runs a scalping strategy.
  • It cuts out profits from the sharp market moves.
  • The system handles eight currency pairs: GBP/CAD, GBP/AUD, EUR/CHF, AUD/USD, AUD/CAD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, and EUR/CAD.
  • Most likely, the time frame isn’t higher than M15.

FX Zipper Trading Performance

FX Zipper Trading Performance

We have analyzed a GBP/AUD backtest report that was done on the M15 time frame. The system was tested on five-year tick data. The modeling quality was 99.90%, with variable (real) spreads. There were 146,251 bars in the test. An initial deposit was $2000. The total net profit has amounted to $29,285. The Profit Factor was 2.98. The maximum drawdown wasn’t high, 13.63%. The robot traded only 368 deals. The win-rate varies from 90.38% to 92.59%.

FX Zipper Myfxbook

FX Zipper works on a real USD account on an MTrading broker automatically. The system requires data from technical indicators from MT4. The account was created on November 19, 2019, and funded at $500.52. The absolute gain has become +117.38%. An average monthly gain is 5.08%. The maximum drawdown is 13.33%. The account is tracked by seventeen traders.

FX Zipper advanced statistics

The robot closed 718 deals with 1773.8 pips. An average win is 7.73 pips when an average loss is three times more (-22.29 pips). The EA traded 42.37 lots. The win-rate is 81% for Longs and 82% for Shorts. An average trade length is over seven hours. The Profit Factor is 1.39.

FX Zipper trading results

The EA works with many pairs. The most-traded symbol is EUR/CHF – 150 deals when the most profitable is EUR/CAD – $195.81.

FX Zipper trading results

As we can see, the robot scalps during the Midnight hours.

FX Zipper trading results

The most actively traded day is Monday (199 deals).

FX Zipper trading results

The robot runs the account with quite low risks to the account balance.

FX Zipper trading results

The EA works performing Martingale to recover after losing trades.

FX Zipper monthly gain

Two months were lost in 2021. March is going to the same result.

How much does it cost?

FX Zipper pricing

The package costs $345. It includes the possibility to trade eight symbols, one license for any account, both: MT4 and MT5 versions, a user manual, free updates, and 24/7 friendly support. We can rely on a 30-day money-back guarantee. The refund can be provided in these cases:

  • The EA doesn’t work properly on our account, and they can’t do anything.
  • Drawdowns exceed 35%.

Reviews from customers

FX Zipper pricing

We couldn’t find any review about this software. Forex Store gave its robot an R-rate. It’s a scam because there can’t be an R rate for the robot that lost two months in a row.

Should You Use FX Zipper?

Backtest reports providedNo settings explanations provided
Trading results revealedNo team revealed
No indicators explanations provided
Horrible trading results
Fake rate on Forex Store
The weird money-back guarantee provided
No people feedback provided


FX Zipper is a robot that uses Trend with Martingale to make profits. The presentation runs out of useful information that will be able to help us to understand the robot better. We know nothing about the team. The trading result contrasts much compared with the 2020 ones. Now, the robot is a loser. We’d like to suggest you check its performance for half a year or so before making the final decision.