Fx Secure Income is a set of forex trading tools and guides provided by the self-acclaimed trading expert “David Godfrey.” He was an ex-prop trader but now a Strategy Master. He believes anybody can beat the forex market by consistently copying what he does. This unique system fetches him approximately $10,000 every day. He says that the system is 100% mechanical as he hates forex robots. The package sells for $39 and consists of the following:

I) Combo Momentum Advance System:
This system works with 93% accuracy and the trader will win and exit with utmost accuracy.

II) Triple Signal Indicator:
This is David’s proprietary indicator that shows entry signals, and alerts by sound and email anytime a profitable trade is detected.

III) Trend Mass Pips Taker:
This system follows the trend and helps the trader to enter a trade with accurate timing. It can easily filter out false signals.

IV) Illustrated Trading Guide:
This is the trading guide that has detailed instructions about the whole systems as well as trading examples.

David Godfrey sounds convincing; he provides instances of numerous successful mentees of his and also provides assurances of being able to repeat the same success for new intakes. But, the relevant questions are: Is David Godfrey sincere in his claims, and can this system be trusted?

Fx Secure Income: To Trust or Not to Trust?

No matter how convincing David’s argument sounds; there are still some vital issues that portray all his claims as mendacious. Some of them are:

• Vendor’s Marketing Approach
• Unverifiable Trading Results
• Cheap unprofessional website

a) Vendor’s Marketing Approach
The style used by David Godfrey in marketing this product is very similar to what eBook sellers and affiliate marketers do. They use a sales webpage and fill it with spurious claims, unverifiable user reviews, discounts and bonuses. That is exactly what David Godfrey does. He began by telling a story about himself and how he was introduced into trading how he became a millionaire at 28, and how the desire to be a better father made him develop a system that compressed his trading strategy into “15 minutes of daily plunder.”Fx Secure Income was born. He claims that this system has been working for 9 years and will continue to work for years to come no matter the market condition.
He is offering the system for a limited discount of $39 for the first 150 traders only, with a time-limited offer. These are familiar marketing gimmicks and cast doubts on the authenticity of the FX Secure Income robot.

b) Unverifiable Trading Results
The trading results presented by David Godfrey are all screenshots that cannot be verified. One of the screenshots is taken from Myfxbook.com account but there is no link to visit the site to verify the account. He says that this is taken from one of his accounts but a closer look at the screenshot (below) shows that he erased the account name from the spot where it normally appears (above “Real(USD) Think Forex, 1:100”). This can be interpreted to mean that the account snapshot is definitely not that of FX Secure Income.

c) Cheap Unprofessional Website
For a millionaire forex expert, David could have afforded a professional web designer, but he used a cheap one-page website to promote a money making system. This can be construed that all his claims are false and that the system is obviously not what it is claimed to be.

Conclusion: FX Secure Income is Not to be Trusted
Please, do not trust the Fx Secure Income system. This is because the vendor, David Godfrey has all the qualities of a scammer. He has failed to provide any verifiable evidence that his system works. Please, stay away from this system as there is no proof that it will generate any profits.