FX Profit Signals is a company that generates signals for everyone. They can help us to improve our trading skills. The developers insisted that “Learn, Trade, and Profit with the Best Forex Signals.” Let’s check what from this is relevant and true. 

FX Profit Signals: characteristics

The system behind signals has some features. Several of them were explained. 

  • The devs provide free signals for everyone. 
  • We have the next claim “powerful Forex trading analysis tool that provides subscribers with Buy/Sell trading signals.”
  • The signals are delivered as soon as they are generated. 
  • They can help improve our skills. 
  • We have paid and free signals provided. 
  • They can be market execution or pending orders. 
  • We can expect that the accuracy will be high. 
  • The support is ready to help us with technical and other questions. 
  • The signals have the next parameters: Time, Entry Point, Direction, Cross Pair, Take Profit and Stop Loss. 
  • The signals require no extra effort. 
  • They “give us strategies for all market conditions (trend following, for trend reversal, or counter-trend trading).”
  • The developers can explain to us “the critical areas.”
Open orders.
  • The developers publish the signals that are floating on the market. 
  • It can be used by amatory and prod. 
  • It provides “clear entry and exit points.”
  • The developers provide innovative trade ideas for Forex.
  • If we need risk management, we just have to ask. 
  • The copy trading software can be downloaded for free. 
  • Everything was developed only by professional traders, developers, and analysts. 

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • We can work with all currency pairs. 
  • The strategies aren’t mentioned. 
  • We don’t know details about timeframes. 

FX Profit Signals trading performance

Alas, the presentation doesn’t include any sign of backtest reports. It’s a huge con because we have no idea if the system was well tested before it was released. The same we can say about the results and win rates that the system could achieve. 

Closed orders.
Closed orders by  FX Profit Signals.

The presentation includes up to five reports that look like a table that was designed in Excel. We can’t trust these numbers blindly because they aren’t verified by Myfxbook or FXBlue sites. It would be nice if the developers had shown on what account these results were obtained because we still believe that they make money using their signals and understand the current market conditions. The win rates and other data will be a huge pro in our eyes.

How much does it cost?

Pricing details.

The system includes four packages. The one-month pack costs €45 and the three-month phone costs €90. They include 5-7 short-term signals daily, 1000-2000 pips monthly, a telegram channel, and 24×7 support. The six months pack costs €140 and the annual pack costs €210. They include an FXProfit Signals EA in addition. 

We have some claims provided about a premium membership that was mentioned by the developers:

  • We can receive more trading opportunities to achieve better results. 
  • The signals are analyzed before providing. 
  • They are provided for Gold, Silver, and WTI in addition. 
  • If the market turns around, they provide us with intel.
  • “The premium members exit the market profitably twice as often.”

Reviews from customers

Customer testimonials.

The presentation is featured by people testimonials. We can’t be sure that they are real and weren’t published by the developers at the beginning of the site release.

Should you use FX Profit Signals?

Free signals providedNo risk advice given 
No strategy explanations provided 
No backtest reports shown 
No trading results shared 
No refund policy applied
No verified testimonials provided 


FX Profit Signals seems like a scam service. We have no idea why the developers avoided providing us with backtest reports and trading results. So, it’s impossible to trust them blindly.