FX Oxygen is an automatic Forex robot that is intended for use in the Metatrader trading terminal.

General characteristics:

  • Official developer site – fxoxygen.com;
  • The cost of the robot – $ 295;
  • Currency pairs for trading – EURUSD, USDJPY;
  • Advisor type – Martingale methodology;
  • Timeframe – M30.

On some independent rating portals on the description page of the FX Oxygen advisor, it is indicated that it may not be safe for the user’s deposit.

How trades an automatic robot

The developers claim that this robot has two trading modes. The first is secure. It differs in that deals are opened using the non-traditional Martingale methodology. Increasing the lot at the close of losing trades does not occur at a standard rate of 2.0 but at a lower ratio. The second mode is aggressive. The lot will double each time the robot closes a losing trade.

To make a choice in favor of a particular regime is rational on the basis of the available deposit. The minimum recommended value is $700. For an aggressive mode, it’s better to trade $ 1,000 and up.

One of the advantages of the FX Oxygen trading system is the ability and the need for self-selection of settings and optimization of the Forex robot. Very often, other robots do not allow the user to customize the settings. How many times have you seen advertising headlines that it is enough to install it in the terminal and start trading for profit from a Forex robot?

FX Oxygen uses the dangerous Martingale methodology. And this is its unequivocal drawback. But here you can manage some of the risks by choosing parameters (for example, the size of the initial lot, the multiplication factor according to the Martingale methodology).

The Martingale methodology is a trading strategy that implies a doubling of the size of each trade from the previous value at the close of a loss-making order. Doubling takes place before the first win, after which the initial lot is set again. This allows you to “win back” the loss from a losing order with each doubling. After all, sooner or later, by guessing, the order will be closed in plus. The methodology requires a large deposit margin and is beneficial only in the short term.

With continuous use, the Martingale technique is 100% unprofitable. It is more often used for the initial acceleration of the account, after which it is deactivated.

It is written on the developers’ official website that they guarantee the return of 100% of the funds paid for the trading system if it does not frustrate the expectations. But in fact, you can return the money only in case of technical failures of the robot. For example, if it does not work at all or the prescribed algorithms turn out to be inoperative. There is not a single mention of the fact that someone could return the money if the entire deposit was lost in the user reviews on various portals. And there are a lot of cases of a total drawdown of a score of 0!

Deal # 1: winning, lot 0.1.

Deal # 2: loss, lot 0.1

Deal # 3 (Martingale methodology is activated): lot 0.2 (multiplied by 2), loss

Deal No. 4 (after the loss, the Martingale methodology is again applied): Lot 0.4, gain

Deal # 5: lot 0.1 (after winning the lot is reset)

Similarly, this system works. Just keep in mind that indicators or other technical assistants are not built into the fx robot. Therefore, it is not known what data is used to forecast transactions. Perhaps all orders are opened “blindly” at random. In this case, the profit is possible only at the initial stages of the work of the adviser.

Test results of the automatic adviser

The results of independent testing are presented only on the developer’s site, so you can`t be 100% sure that the information provided is true.

According to the results of backtests, the adviser from January 2014 to July 2015 showed an increase of more than 1900% to the initial deposit. And the overall ratio of profitable deals to losing ones was 91% to 9% (respectively). This means that most orders were profitable and the Martingale methodology was used extremely rarely. Because of this, a deposit of $ 10,000 was not reset.

Of course, such results are amazing. They are great! But there are several negative factors. First, the results are based on a demo account. The developers did not open an account for their own money.

Secondly, it was possible to detect another test result of the robot. It is relevant for data up to 2015. But there the total number of profitable transactions barely falls to 51%. According to this plan, trading on FX Oxygen will not be profitable.