FX Leaders have a massive name amongst traders as one of the noted signal services on the web. They offer both free and premium signals with proper stop loss and take profit targets. The company expects traders to have intermediate knowledge of the markets before using their service.

FX Leaders: Characteristics

To follow their trades with the paid or the free version, you have to note the signals from their website. Premium members can set up alerts on their mobile or email and receive positions over there. You have to copy the trade thoroughly, i.e., the stop loss and the take profit.

The robot has the following features:

  • Trade alerts available on mobile and email.
  • Future and current analysis of the market.
  • Trades follow proper risk management through the use of stop losses.
  • Various blogs to help beginners and amateurs learn about the market.
  • Many free tools to help in trading.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Time Frame

FX Leaders provide trades on many currencies and include indices and cryptocurrencies in their portfolios. There are two types of signals, i.e., short and long term. As the name indicates, with short-term signals, trades are held for 10 minutes to a few hours, and for the long-term, the duration is over a day and can go up to a month. They state the long-term signals are profitable as they offer a wide range of pips but fail to mention that the stop loss is also higher in case of a loss. 

Their analysis group consists of many traders who present their thoughts on various sections of financial markets and are led by lead analyst Skerdian Meta. They use both fundamental and technical analysis to predict the future outcome of the price. 

FX Leaders authors team

FX Leaders Trading Performance

The website does not track its records through popular websites such as Myfxbook, FX Blue, etc. This shows a complete lack of transparency and makes it highly inefficient for anyone to invest in their signals. They do have a tracking report available on their website, however, it can be easily manipulated by them. In addition, the information is only at hand for those who subscribe to their premium service. 

FX Leaders - reports

How much does it cost?

The yearly plan costs $9.8 for a single month. You can also get it for free if you opt to open an account with the broker of your choice, which is one of the standard practices amongst signal providers. The monthly plan costs $29 and has the same benefits as the yearly one.

FX Leaders price

There is no money-back guarantee. In comparison with the other signals services that come with verified results and automatic trade, copying FX Leaders is asking for much more. So you will be better off spending your cash elsewhere.

Reviews from customers

FX Leaders have poor customer reviews on noted websites such as TrustPilot, with 28 feedback mounting only a 3.0 rating. Users complain about their win rate and poor customer support.

FX Leaders Reviews from customers

On Forex Peace Army, the situation is even worse with similar complaints and a total rating of 2.766 based on 24 reviews. 

FX Leaders Reviews from customers

Should you use FX Leaders?

The poor customer reviews on noted websites and the inability to provide properly verified reports make it useless to follow the service. It is better to learn and trade on your own rather than wasting cash and time with FX Leaders.

Each trade comes with a proper analysis reportThe performance report is only available for premium customers
No verified records
Poor customer reviews


Hundreds and thousands of signal services clutter the financial industry. You can see hundreds of groups on social media platforms that claim to provide a thousand pips a month. Yet, they fail to produce any fruitful outcomes. Transparency is one of the critical factors here, and FX Leaders failed on delivering any.