FX Hunter Wealth is a Forex signals provider that focuses on the best trading occasions to ensure the best results for users. It operates on the MT4 platform and has an automated risk management system that allows it to protect the user accounts. To gauge the system’s reliability objectively, a thorough analysis needs to be conducted.

FX Hunter Wealth: Characteristics

With FX Hunter Wealth, you don’t have to worry about withdrawal restrictions and copy trading delays. You can start with a balance of $2000 and monitor your trading operations in real-time without wasting your time studying charts.

This signals provider supplies users with institutional swing signals with order flow and COT included. Each signal contains an entry point, a stop loss, and a profit target. The signals are sent through the Telegram app and are updated 3 times daily.

The FX Hunter Wealth team has created a wide variety of tools that allows them to visualize the retail positions, banks, and institutional levels. This signals provider keeps an eye on the big players in the Forex markets and monitors their trading positions. With the help of various functions and filters, the essential components of the COT report have been extracted.

After subscribing to FX Hunter Wealth, you need to open a live account with the IC Markets broker. Then, you can use the contact form to update the service team, after which you’ll receive a number of agreements and documents you would need to sign. After reading and signing these, you have to transfer them to the broker who will create a sub-account in your name.

FX Hunter Wealth is a company that’s regulated by the UK and Australian authorities. It provides 24/7 customer service, real-time chart analysis, and live prices. It also has both mobile and desktop platforms.

Currency Pairs, Strategy, & Timeframe

This Forex signals provider uses a manual swing trading strategy based on liquidity stop hunting, COT reports, volume, and market profile. The system looks for swing to mid-term trading with targets exceeding 100 pips. All the Forex pairs are actively monitored by the software and risk is set to 1.5% for each trade or 5% for every position set. 

Although the vendor makes claims about the maximum risk being 25% and the strategies being underleveraged, no technical details are revealed. Many Forex traders look for technical details pertaining to the trading strategy, and this might deter them from investing.

FX Hunter Wealth Trading Performance

FX Hunter Wealth Myfxbook

This live trading account for FX Hunter Wealth was launched on 3rd February 2020, and to date, it has closed 2695 trades. Among these, 1732 were closed in profits, which means the account has a profitability of 64%. This is higher than most Forex automated systems.

On average, the account has won 48.35 pips/$285.59, with the best trade resulting in a profit of $8696.72. The daily and monthly gains are 0.06% and 1.77% respectively, and the drawdown is quite low at 12.05%. Currently, the time-weighted return for this account is 27.89%, while the absolute gain is 12.04%. 

We would have liked to see some backtesting data for FX Hunter Wealth, but unfortunately, it is not available. By comparing the live trading and backtesting results, we would have been able to assess the system’s profitability more accurately. We hope the vendor decides to include this in the future since backtesting data reveals some crucial information about a Forex signal provider’s performance.

How Much Does it Cost?

FX Hunter Wealth offers monthly, quarterly, half-year, and yearly plans, and these are priced at 40, 129, 229, and 399 Euros, respectively. You can subscribe to the plans through the Telegram app. A customer can file for a refund only in the initial 3 days of making their first purchase. This is a very small window for a money-back guarantee and most companies allow their customers at least 30 days of usage before the refund window closes.

Reviews from Customers

FX Hunter Wealth Reviews from Customers

We found several positive customer reviews for FX Hunter Wealth on the FPA website. One user has praised the fact that the signals provided by the system are well structured and logical. They have also claimed to have doubled their account in the previous year using this signals provider.

Should You Use FX Hunter Wealth Robot?

Live trading results verified by MyfxbookNo backtesting data
Positive user reviewsInsufficient information about trading strategy
Updated 3 times daily


In the end, we would like to say that FX Hunter Wealth is a reliable Forex signals provider that can help you attain better results while trading. The live trading results are ample proof of the fact that this system provides profitable signals based on thorough research and analysis.