The growing popularity of Forex EAs can be attributed to the fact that they allow traders to save much time while eliminating some of the emotional decision making many of them suffer from. FX Fortnite EA is one such Forex robot that is compatible with the MT4 platform promising fully automated software that is easy to use.

But, while this Forex EA makes a great presentation and promises high profits, we cannot take its words at face value, especially since there are so many scam services available on the market today. It, therefore, becomes necessary to investigate each and every aspect of the system. Go through this detailed review to know whether or not you can rely on FX Fortnite EA.

FX Fortnite EA: Characteristics

FX Fortnite EA: Characteristics

FX Fornite EA performs a market analysis using the developer’s algorithm. It is easy to set up using the instructions provided. Online support is 24*7 for customers, so any time you run into a problem, you can seek assistance from customer support. Other features include free upgrades, a trading manual in PDF format, and EA SET files

When you purchase the robot, it runs on default settings programmed by the developer, but you can adjust them to suit your trading objectives. The size of the risk and the lot can be adjusted as per your preferences. There are licenses provided for multiple demo and real accounts based on the package you would choose.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

FX Fortnite EA combines Hedge and Trend trading strategies with variable risk settings. As per the information supplied by the developer, the Forex EA is best suited for the EUR/CHF pair on the H1 timeframe. These strategies help you make more profits by suitably adjusting the risk settings.

In order to evaluate the return characteristics of the strategy, a lookback straddle scheme is employed. Profits are acquired by exploiting the high volatility levels in the Forex market. The requirement for leverage is 1:1000 or more, whereas the minimum deposit is as low as $10 for a cent account.

We think the trading strategy details are somewhat inadequate. There are so many Forex EAs on the market these days that Forex traders look for something extra in an automated system. The company should consider revealing the technical aspects of the strategy for expert traders.

FX Fortnite EA Trading Performance

FX Fortnite EA Trading Performance

FX Fortnite EA provides backtesting results on the official website. These results are provided in high, middle, and low risk settings. An example of the high risk setting backtest can be seen above where a profit of $5185.17 was made with a deposit of $1000 for the year 2020. 

Further analysis of this backtest result reveals the profit factor to be 2.84 and the absolute drawdown as 1.58, which are figures that would impress any Forex trader. The percentage of long positions won is 77.62%, whereas the win percentage for short positions is 78.90%. 

FX Fortnite EA Trading Performance

When it comes to trading results, we have the same for a demo account on FXBlue. Here also, FX Fortnite EA shows impressive results with a monthly return of 9.7%, a trade win percentage of 71.2%, and a profit factor of 3.09. A profit factor of more than 3 is enough to make any individual trust this system since for most Forex EAs it is much lower.

How much does it cost? 

FX Fortnite EA price

FX Fortnite EA offers Bronze, Gold, and Platinum packages priced at $149, $199, and $249, respectively. With all three plans, you can get free support and upgrades, a lifetime license, fully automated trading, trading manuals, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The only difference is in the number of accounts, with the costlier plans allowing you to use more than one real and demo account.

For a lifetime license, we think these packages are reasonably priced, considering the number of features you get along with them.

Reviews from customers 

Before purchasing a Forex EA, it is important to check what other people are saying about it. After all, when you see multiple positive reviews about a product, it gives you more confidence to invest in it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any reviews about FX Fortnite EA on third-party websites like Trustpilot or Forexpeacearmy.

Should you use FX Fortnite EA?

                                  Pros                                      Cons
Multiple strategiesLack of technical details about the strategy
Reasonable pricingNo user reviews available
Demo account trading results verified by FXBlueNot enough information about the vendor


To summarize, FX Fortnite EA is a system that shows promise, in spite of its obvious drawbacks. From the backtest and trading results, we can tell that this Forex EA is capable of generating profits consistently. That being said, we need more details on the strategy, user reviews, and vendor information to say with confidence that this software can be trusted.