FX Delta is advertised as an effective trading tool designed to ‘extract money from market trends’.

FX Delta presentation

The devs of this trading system believe that everyone knows that trend is a trader’s best friend, however, in fact, only a few traders do know how to ride it properly. FX Delta software was designed to fill in the gap. However, the key question raises: is this trading tool as effective as advertised? How can it help traders? Is investing our funds in FX Delta a good investment decision? Keep on reading our FX Delta review, and you will find out the answers and our advice on whether it is a good choice for you or not.

FX Delta: Characteristics

The developer of this trading software points out the main features of FX Delta:

  • FX Delta consists of two main parts: Delta Scanner and Delta Dashboard
  • Delta Scanner helps traders to see and analyze current market condition 
FX Delta Characteristics
  • Delta Dashboard consists of 4 sections:
FX Delta Characteristics
  • Includes intuitive features for trading and the other filters for optimal trading
FX Delta features

The updated DX Delta 2.0 version has the following additional features:

FX Delta features

The team behind provides weekly performance videos (published every Monday) that ‘cover in detail all trades taken during the week’. These videos could be found on the traders’ academy club channel. They help traders learn more about the system and how it works.

YORDAN KUZMANOV believes that:

FX Delta features

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

We do not know what exactly currency pairs FX Delta 2.0 version supports.

FX Delta Currency Pairs

In terms of the trading approach, the system scans trends in long timeframes, while searching for possible market corrections on short-timeframes.

FX Delta Characteristics

This trading approach helps to minimize trading risk and make successful entries.

FX Delta Trading Performance

Unfortunately, the developer does not provide live trading results, which could be verified. Instead, he shows trade examples from FX Delta 1 up until March 2020:

FX Delta Trading Performance
FX Delta Trading Performance

From the details provided by the developer, we can only find entry price, stop loss, and the result. Two different options for taking profit are provided. We also see that FX Delta supports multiple currency pairs: XAUUSD, EURUS, GBPUSD, AUDCHF, USDCHF, XRPUSD, and others. According to the results recorded, the FX Delta software has traded over 14000 pips with a nearly 80% success rate. Although their trading approach looks pretty solid, it lacks live trading results which could be verified either on myfxbook or fxblue.

The developer failed to provide not only live trading results but also backtests. It makes it impossible to identify the effectiveness of the trading system and compare it with live trading results.

How much does it cost?

FX Delta 2.0 system is available to buy on the fxdelta.net website and comes for $347 for a lifetime membership. The developer also adds that if the system does not fit your trading needs, you can easily ask for a full money refund within 60 days after purchase.

FX Delta price

To tell the truth, its price is high and most traders would better search for other alternatives having verified trading results and coming for a lower, more affordable price rate.

The vendor tries to convince us that FX Delta is a good choice for every trader even for those with zero trading experience. The provide user guide which provides all the necessary info to start trading with FX Delta. FX Delta 2.0 can be run on MT4 as well as MT5 platforms. It is compatible with any brokerage, offering MT4 or MT5 platform for trading. They do not provide us with the minimum required deposit information, but advise to start at least 500-100 ‘of your base currency’.

Reviews from customers

FX Delta is showing a 4.9 out of 5-star rating based on 14 customer reviews on Forex Peace Army. It is a very impressive rating with many positive customer reviews.

FX Delta Reviews from customers

Should You Use FX Delta EA?

Positive customer reviewsNo backtesting results
60 days money-back guaranteeNo myfxbook/fxblue trading results
 High price
 Not fully automated


Although we are impressed with the overall website presentation, the information provided, and the FX Delta trading approach, we are not satisfied with what we see in terms of trading results. We advise the developer to provide live trading results by providing his trading account to myfxbook or fxblue. Taking into account its expensive price, lack of backtests, and live trading results, we are not in a position to recommend FX Delta to the public.