Are you new to Forex trading? Do you want to hit the ground running without having to learn the ropes? A Forex robot would be a handy tool for you to accomplish great returns. These are automated systems that take care of the trades, ensuring there is no emotional influence in the decisions made. However, not all such systems are reliable and produce the outcomes you want. And, the choices available can be overwhelming. 

Fortunately, our reviews done by expert analysts help in making the right decision. Here is a review of the FX BlasterPro expert advisor that will provide you with all you need to know about the system before you make your decision. This automatic trading system claims to provide consistent and profitable performance. It uses three diverse types of approaches for its trading. 

FX BlasterPro: Characteristics

FX BlasterPro: Characteristics

There is very little info on this Forex robot on its official site. Other than the mention of the developers having over 10 years of experience, there are no other details found related to the team behind the system. Additionally, we could not find any location address or phone contact. 

The only customer support is via the online contact form. This lack of transparency makes us suspicious of the reliability of the system. A fully modifiable system that is very simple and convenient to use and install, is compatible with any broker, and has no manual intervention are the main features of this system.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

Although no info is provided by the vendor on the timeframe used and the currency pairs that can be traded using the system, there is a mention of the approach used. According to the vendor, three individual approaches are used for deciding on the entries and exits.

Various indicator signals are used and correlated using complex methods that combine popular methods like the grid, hedge, trend, and semi-martingale. The choice of method depends on the level of risk involved, such as high, middle, and low or combination types. 

FX BlasterPro Trading Performance

A live real trading account verified on the site is posted on the official site. The real USD account uses a leverage of 1:1000 and the stats are shown in the screenshots below.

FX BlasterPro Myfxbook
FX BlasterPro trading results

From the trading results, the gain and absolute gain percentages are similar at 249.32%. A daily gain of 0.36% and a monthly gain of 11.30% with a drawdown of 8.24% are shown. The profit factor is 1.63, the average win came at 10.48 pips, and the typical loss at 21 pips. While the drawdown is low, the profit factor for a total of 3375 trades is on the lower side. Furthermore, the vendor has hidden the lot size information.

How Much Does It Cost?

FX BlasterPro price

Two different packages, namely a standard package with one real account priced at $299 and an advance package featuring three real accounts priced at $459 are offered. The payment is a single-time affair with free updates, a lifetime license, a user manual, and 24/7 support.

When compared to the competitor price range, we find this Forex robot is expensively priced. And, the vendor does not offer a money-back assurance, which further confirms our suspicions that the software is not a reliable one.

Reviews from customers

We could not find any user reviews for this automated system on the official site or reliable third-party sites, such as Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. In general, we prefer reviews from third-party sites as they are unbiased and reliable. However, the lack of reviews makes it difficult to properly evaluate the system.

Should You Use FX BlasterPro Robot?

From our analysis of the various characteristics of this Forex robot, we find the system lacking in several aspects. Of the several features that we evaluated in this expert advisor, a few significant points stood apart from the rest. Here are the important advantages and downsides that we found in this expert advisor.

Compatible with all brokersPrice is expensive
Verified trading resultsStrategy used is not explained properly
No money-back guarantee


Summing up our review of FX BlasterPro, this system exhibits advantages as well as shortcomings in many significant aspects. Some of the obvious advantages include verified trading results that show a low drawdown and high gain percentage.

Broker compatibility is another point in favor of this robotic system. However, the sample size provided is very short, which makes us suspect that the results will not be as promising with a larger-sized sample. Other downsides are present that prevent this system from being a reliable one.

These include a lack of vendor transparency, expensive price, and incomplete explanation of the trading approach used. Besides, the vendor does not provide a refund guarantee. As the shortcomings outweigh the positive features of this system, we do not recommend this system.