Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot Is Forex Zeon-X Pro another arbitrage EA?

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot presentation We’d like you to read a Forex Zeon-Pro robot review. So, the presentation starts with the screaming statement. Having looked at these numbers we’d like to notice that it’s probably Arbitrage robot that tried masking as an average one.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot statistics Idk, how it was summed up to get +155K% of the gain. It looks like a fake.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot presentation

We’ve read half of the presentation and found nothing about the system. At the same time, the devs do their best in pushing us to buy a product ASAP. The presentation feels like one big manipulation.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot presentation This is how the presentation sounds like. There’s an endless wall of good-for-nothing text.

From the robot features, the devs focus us on:

  • Broker protection module.
  • High spreads and high slippage protection.
  • Money management. 

So, that’s all. There are no system nor settings explanations. Anything, that can be used to make a wise decision.

Forex ZeonX Trading Performance

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot Myfxbook Let’s take a look at the real USD account on NDDFX Technology. The account runs with 1:200 leverage on the MetaTrader 5 platform. The monthly gain was 452%. The max drawdown was 18.09%. The account has been funded for $166542 and withdrawn for $239051.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot advanced statistics During several days of trading for a month, EA traded 371 trades with 752 pips. The average loss ($1194) equals the average loss (-$1166). The longs’ win-rate was 64%, shorts’ was 74%. The average trade length was about one minute. The profit factor was 2.28.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot statistics The robot trades 9 symbols with different success. The most unsuccessful one was USD/JPY with -$3605.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot statistics Forex Zeon-X Pro prefers to open trades during the European trading session.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot statistics It runs with medium risks.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot statistics We’d like you to take a look at the numbers of the lot size. The robot 100% sure has got an intel provider. The account has been used twice to trade. 

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot monthly gain

The robot has been stopped. Probably because of no intel providers.


Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot feedback The site has got some feedback, but we’re sure they’re not connected to reality. 


Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot offer The Starter version costs $200. We’ll receive Forex Zeon-X Pro for MT4. It’s kinda strange because the devs’ account was run by the MT5 version of it. So, the devs the MT5 version hold back. The next is one real account and many demo ones, user guide, support, and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot offer The Professional package costs $300 and has 2 real accounts. For $500, we’ll get 4 real accounts.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Robot offer The devs won’t charge us for at least 5 days to let us try it without paying nothing.



  • Good profit-factor
  • Real account trading results
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 5 day free to use without charging a payment


  • There were some manipulations during the presentation
  • Arbitrage strategy
  • Track record not verified
  • The MT5 version of the EA not provided, but exists 

It’s the Arbitrage EA. So, we have to be connected to quick and slow brokers or intel providers. Only this allows us to get +10% and more gain in an hour. It’s not a problem for us at all. The problem is that the dev told nothing about the risks and challenges of arbitrage trading. He sells the robot as the average one, telling nothing about how to correctly choose the slow and the quick broker, how to find intel providers, etc. Taking into account all of this, we’d like you not to buy this EA.