Forex Truck is a robot that was introduced as “our reliable truck on the highway of the Forex market.” The presentation looks familiar to everyone who knows powered by Forex Store software. There is much information ahead in our Forex Truck review.

Forex‌ ‌Truck presentation

Forex‌ ‌Truck: Characteristics

Forex Truck has a mediocre list of its features:

  • The expert advisor works fully-automatically.
  • We can trade only a USD/CAD cross pair.
  • The robot can be used on any broker house we want.
  • There are two versions of it: for MT4 and MT5 platforms.
  • There are inbuilt indicators that allow calculating Entry Prices for each.
  • The money-management system calculates Lot Sizes based on the account balance for each deal if needed.
  • It uses a conservative Hedge and Grid of orders strategies if the market lets going all the way making profits.
  • The system can close deals quickly if they start to bring significant losses.
  • It can recover account balance, using a quite conservative Martingale.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • The system trades using conservative Grid, Hedge, and Martingale strategies.
  • We can trade USD/CAD on the H1 time frame.

Forex‌ ‌Truck Trading Performance

Forex‌ ‌Truck backtests

There are two backtests: aggressive and conservative. We’ve picked up the conservative one. The EA ran it on the H1 time frame based on almost seven-year tick data. The modeling quality was 90%. The spread was set at 3 pips. An initial deposit was $5000. It has become $75.7k of the Total Net Profit. The Profit Factor was 1.75. The maximum drawdown was 23.42% ($12283.96). The robot traded 1609 deals with low win-rates: 54.93% for SELL and 67.64% for BUY direction

Forex‌ ‌Truck Myfxbook

Forex Truck has a real USD account on FXOpen. The robot trades automatically on the MT4 and uses technical indicators. There should be info about the leverage level. Probably, it’s around 1:400 -1:500. The account has a verified track record. So, we can trust the data we see. It was created on January 16, 2020, and deposited at $2000. Since then, the absolute gain has become +316.34%. An average monthly gain is 11.85%. The maximum drawdown is quite high – 23.08%. The account is tracked by forty-nine traders.

Forex‌ ‌Truck advanced statistics

Forex Truck closed 246 deals with 1823.6 pips. An average win (45.74 pips) equals an average loss (-46.70 pips). It traded 51.01 Lots. The win-rate is impossibly low as for a Martingale based strategy. It’s from 57% to 59%. An average trade length is two days. The Profit Factor is 2.18.

Forex‌ ‌Truck trading results

It traded 120 deals on the BUY direction and 126 on the SELL one. The most profitable was the Shorts direction – $3367.23.

Forex‌ ‌Truck trading results

The robot trades all sessions equally. 

Forex‌ ‌Truck trading results

Wednesday (42 deals) is the less traded day and this is weird because it’s mid of the trading week.

Forex‌ ‌Truck trading results

It works with medium risks to the account balance. There’s a 3.14% chance to lose 10% of the account balance.

Forex‌ ‌Truck trading results

From the screenshot of trading results, we can see that there are Grids of three orders with Martingale Lot Sizes.

Forex‌ ‌Truck monthly gain
Forex‌ ‌Truck monthly gain

Since the beginning, all months have been closed with profits.

How much does it cost?

Forex‌ ‌Truck price

Forex Truck costs $277 for a copy. The pack is featured by one license for any type of accounts, two versions of the robot for MT4 and MT5, a user guide, and 24/7 knowledgeable and welcome support. We can change the real account number as many times as we want. The offer includes a common for powered by Forex Store robots 30-day money-back guarantee.

Reviews from customers

Forex‌ ‌Truck price

There are no pages on Forex Peace Army and Trust Pilot as well as comments on the site. The EA has an R-rate among the other software.

Should You Use Forex‌ ‌Truck?

Strategies well-explainedNo team revealed
Backtest reports providedNo money-management advice gives
Real-account trading results providedGrid and Martingale on the board
There’s a refund policyMedium pricing
No people feedback provided


Forex Truck is software that trades automatically using Grid and Martingale strategies as the main ones to make profits on the real third-party verified account. The robot managed to close all months with profits that vary depending on the risk to the account balance. The robot doesn’t have feedback on the web and the site. It makes it hard for us to make a wise decision because we haven’t read people’s experience of using it.