Today’s review is about a Forex Sugar EA. The main statement of the presentation is that we can be profitable on Forex. 

Forex Sugar presentation

If we keep staying, we’ll see the pop-up menu that suggests us to trade our email for spam from them. 

Forex Sugar presentation

The next, we see how the disaster looks in reality. We have four charts with where trading results went down for a long period. So, it’s not the company nor EA that will be able to make us rich. 

Forex Sugar: Characteristics

The EA was introduced as a revolution trading “environment” (?). The environment, seriously? The next phrase, “the robot can monetize our trading experience (?).” If we have no it, so no luck for us, right? We’re here because we look for an EA, and we don’t want to trade. 

The advantages that devs focus are on the next:

  • It’s profitable trading software.
  • It doesn’t affect human emotions.
  • The decisions are made based on “calculations” and “indicators.”
  • It trades unstoppable 24/5. 
  • The installation is simple and user friendly.
  • The system is featured to analyze live news and events.
  • The EA has trailing Stop Loss and Take Profit for every trade.
  • The robot prefers performing in a stable market. 
  • It doesn’t trade periods of Low, Medium, and High impact news.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

Let’s talk about strategy, symbols, and timeframes:

  • The system includes calculations based on several indicators and the Price Action indicator. 
  • The robot uses huge dynamic SL and TP levels.
  • We can set fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit.
  • The system allows hiding info about SL and TP levels from brokers.
  • The EA uses hedging as well if a price goes in the right direction.
  • The robot was designed to run only the MT4.

From the devs, we know nothing about strategy or strategies behind the system nor symbols or timeframes. So, the presentation was bad-designed by the default. 

Forex Sugar: Trading Performance

Forex Sugar trading results

It was a demo USD account with $10k of the initial deposit. It was created on August 5 and closed on September 10.

Forex Sugar trading results

A win-rate was 63.1%. The total gain was -28.9%, monthly one was -22.6%. The maximum drawdown was high and amounted to 32.9%. A profit factor was a “loser” one – 0.68. Forex Sugar traded AUD/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, Silver, and Gold. As we can see from the chart, over half of the trades were on XAG/USD. 

Forex Sugar trading results

The average trade length is two hours. An average win (56.92) was three times less than the average loss. It tells everything about their trailing Stop Losses, and closing deals with little losses. 

Forex Sugar trading results

All symbols have brought only losses. There was any profitable one. 

Forex Sugar trading results

The Sell direction provided in eleven times more net loss than the Buy one. 

Forex Sugar trading results

The system performed a single strategy. 

Forex Sugar trading results

The most favorite days to trade we’re Wednesday and Thursday. 

Forex Sugar trading results

The EA scalped during the Asian market at 3 a.m. and during the whole European session. 

Forex Sugar trading results

It looked like EA could trade in little loss in September. 

Forex Sugar trading results

The last week of working provides the first profits ever. 

How much does it cost?

Forex Sugar price

There’s a big sale on both packages. The “one real account” costs $100 instead of $375. The “five real accounts” costs $265 instead of $1000.

Reviews from customers

There are no testimonials on the site nor the web. Frankly, no one needs them after such trading results. 

Should You Use Forex Sugar

No prosNo strategy explanations provided
No settings explanations provide
No backtest provided 
Demo account trading results
The robot was stopped after big losses.
No money-back-guarantee provided
No people’s testimonials provided 


This robot is a scam. Taking into account trading results, we would never pay even a dollar for the EA like this. It’s rare to see the EA that lost five weeks in a row from six ones. How dare they even think about selling it to people? So, please avoid, there should be more EAs that wait for our attention.