Forex Steam is an assistant that performs automated trading on the forex market. This software has been working in the forex industry for more than 10 years.

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Forex Steam Trading System

The system was created to provide long-term and short-term profit with low levels of risk.

A trader can start working with the program immediately after its installation. The user will also be provided with video tutorials on installing and further working with the system.

All functions in Forex Steam are easy to configure, it is possible to customize advanced filters, trailing stop, break-even and more.

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Cost and characteristics of Forex Steam products

Forex Steam customers have the opportunity to get a lifetime account for $ 117.99. The system is divided into a light version and a normal one. There is no difference in price, the difference is in different time frames, in the length of trade, its frequency, as well as at the entry point.

Forex Steam was created to work with the Metatrader4 platform. The assistant has a Retrace system that makes trading more efficient. Advanced filters allow you to track the slightest changes in the market. This will help avoid unnecessary losses.

Forex Steam place a lot of useful information on their pages on social networks. “Representative offices” of the company can be found on Facebook –, Twitter –, As well as Linkedln -https: // / forex-steam.

Forex Steam support service works around the clock, five days a week. You can ask for help on the official website, for this, you need to fill out a form with your name, email address and the question itself. The maximum expectation of response on a working day is 24 hours.

Forex Steam Trading Strategy

To start the trading activity with Forex Steam you need to have at least $ 300 on your account. This amount is recommended by regulators, it will allow the trader to choose how and what to trade.

Over the entire period of existence of the Forex Steam software, the developers were able to bring it to a high level.

Trading Performance

The reliability of this software can be seen by reading the statistics of trade operations. On the official website of the Forex Steam, the user can easily find this data. There are more than 1,162 verified trading results, as well as 362 cases verified by independent experts. Statistics are updated on the site every day. Percentage of successful transactions by year:

  • 2016 – 91%;
  • 2017 – 92%;
  • 2018 – 93%;
  • 2019 – 94%.

It can be concluded that every year the percentage of successful transactions only increases. This fact indicates the professionalism of the Forex Steam team.

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Forex Steam Customer Reviews

Studying comments on the official page, as well as on other sites, we can conclude that users are quite happy with the Forex Steam program. Most of all, customers like the advanced functionality of the program.


Forex Steam is a reliable, high-quality tool for working with forex. Freely accessible trading results are impressive. The software is constantly updated and meets all the requirements of modern trade. The company is the owner of all the necessary permits and licenses, working with Forex Steam is legal. Forex Steam deservedly receives a huge amount of positive feedback.