There is no doubt that the surest way to create wealth is through investment. To be sure, different financial advisors will recommend different investment habits and vehicles. However, the best medium to grow your wealth is convenient and practicable. Lately, the forex market has continued to gain prominence as an ideal investment vehicle. It is because of its liquidity and an increased understanding of the market.

Usually, forex trading is engaging, and it could sometimes be overwhelming. Besides, traders need a clear understanding of how the market works for them to earn an income. Otherwise, one is highly likely to lose all their funds in a flash. That is why many traders opt to utilize forex expert advisors to compensate for their inabilities.

Still, FX expert advisors may not do much if you do not know what you are doing. It means you have no option but to learn forex. However, what do you do if you lack the time or resources? Do you just quit thinking about forex altogether? Do you opt for an easier investment vehicle, which might turn out to be Ponzi schemes? Absolutely no. 

What is a Forex Investment Fund?

For people that desire to invest in the forex market, but they cannot because of being inexperienced, the Forex Investment Fund (FIF) is ideal for them. A FIF is a kind of forex managed account where professional forex traders operate trading accounts on behalf of investors. All you need to do is open an account with the preferred service provider and deposit funds. Usually, FIFs operate similarly as mutual funds where investors pool funds and then entrust their investment to a professional.

A Forex Investment Fund operates as a single account, usually in the name of the company. The company takes deposits from willing investors, and, in return, they get returns at a certain percentage monthly. A FIF can guarantee up to 10% returns per month, but this depends on the expertise of the professionals running the fund.

Why should you put your money in an FIF?

Investors who put their money in an FIF enjoy the same benefits as those who invest in a mutual fund. Interestingly, all these are managed accounts that enable investors to earn an income without having to participate in the market actively. Follow us for reasons why FIFs are the right investment vehicle for you.

Leverage the income potential of the forex market without trading

The forex market is the most complicated yet most liquid in the world. Interestingly, many strategies are available with which traders can generate good income. For example, automated forex trading enables you to be online 24/7 to utilize all available trading opportunities. However, even this strategy may be complicated if you lack proper knowledge about the craft.

Fortuitously, this is where managed accounts like FIF come in. All you have to do is open an account with a FIF of your choice. The professional money manager will then use the funds to take positions in the forex market. Frequently, fund managers pay out a certain amount of money every month. Some Forex Investment Funds can earn investors as much as 15% income per month.

Professional management of funds

Forex is usually a loss-making venture for novice traders. To be sure, the market appreciates analysis born out of extensive research of the market but not guesses. Forex Investment Funds are outfits run by professional traders who have extensive experience in the market. It means that traders can make the best trading decisions in the shortest amount of time. Additionally, such traders have a better understanding of tools like forex robots that enable profitable trading.

Professional management of funds

Regular income

Forex trading is a bumpy ride. Notably, the market is highly volatile, and it can move against you in a flash. As such, there is no guarantee that you will earn income from the market from all trades. Admittedly, you may have the best forex indicators and the best forex charting tools at your disposal but, still, the market may disappoint.

On the contrary, a FIF guarantees regular income at given time intervals. For instance, an FIF may decide to give out a 5% income monthly to its investors. Therefore, the professional money manager will work hard to ensure that you get the income as agreed.


Forex trading is risky, but the reward is equally satisfying. Besides the risks, the market is too complicated for inexperienced traders to earn meaningful income. That is why forex investment funds play such an essential role in enabling broader participation in the market. However, investors must conduct exhaustive due diligence to avoid swindles. A good FIF guarantees regular income at reasonable rates. Particularly, investors can leverage the liquidity of the market to increase the rate of wealth creation.