What do we know about the Forex Enigma robot?

Welcome back, friends. We’ve got the Forex Enigma EA robot on the plate. It’s a young robot that runs just over two months on living. The robot has been designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform and performs three strategies: Scalping, Trending, Half-Grid.

As well, the robot has got News Filter. 

  • The robot trades the EUR/USD currency pair.
  • Trading on the H1 time frame.
  • Trading through any MT4 brokerage company.
  • An account balance should be $1000 for normal or $10 on the cent one.
  • 1:100 level of the leverage is recommended.

Strategy testing

There provided two backtests where the forex robot has traded with high and low risks.

Forex Enigma Robot strategies tester report

It’s a low risk one. As we can see, the picture of the chart doesn’t load. It’s decrease wisely a trust level to the introduced data. So, we’ve got the EUR/USD pair, H1 time frame. The period was 2019-2020. The initial deposit has been $1000. The total net profit was $989. The EA performed with the high profit factor that equaled 4.29. The short positions win-rate was 83%, longs one was just 67%. The maximal drawdown was 15.02%.

Forex Enigma Robot strategies tester report

The high-risk trading provided $2068 of the profit from the same amount of the deposit.

Forex Enigma EA trading performance

Forex Enigma Robot trading results

The account has been funded several times. The total net deposit equaled $4800. 

Forex Enigma Robot trading results Forex Enigma trades just EUR/USD symbol with the extremely high win-rate (85.9%). Trading with high-risk allows getting +72% of the monthly profit with a 7.68 profit factor. The system finds about 3-4 trades per day.

Forex Enigma Robot trading results

If we talk about directions, the robot provides the 95% win-rate on buying with a $295 profit and the 80% win-rate on selling with an $838 profit.

Forex Enigma Robot trading results There are four strategies, not three as devs said, behind the robot. If you want to buy a copy. you’d ask about the 4th one. 

Forex Enigma Robot trading results About half of the trades have been performed in Monday. 

Forex Enigma Robot trading results

This chart looks the same, most of the orders has been started at 4 p.m.

Forex Enigma Robot trading results

The real trading started in March 2020.

Forex Enigma Robot trading results There were some trades opened on February 24, the rest have been started after March 12.


Forex Enigma Robot Pricing Enigma sells in three packages. For $150, we’ll get the Basic package with one real account, one demo account, free updates and support, and, as well as, the 30-day money-back guarantee.  The Standart package costs $200 and includes two real and two demo accounts. The last one is the Professional package that costs $250 and includes three real and three demo accounts.

Wrapping up


  • Fully-automated trading
  • Strategies introduced
  • Settings explained
  • 1:100 leverage level
  • One currency pair trading
  • Two types of trading (low/high risk) explained
  • Backtest provided
  • 3rd part verified real trading account results provided
  • An account funded several times till $4800 (amount of funds) has been reached
  • EA trades just one currency pair
  • High win-rate 
  • High “profit factor”
  • Demo account provided
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee provided
  • Support and free updates provided


  • 1:100 leverage level
  • One currency pair trading
  • Forex Enigma just two months old robot
  • The EA trades not through the well-known platform like ForexStore and/or MQL5
  • Lack of feedback
  • Lack of users comments
  • We don’t know how the EA will overcome after losses

It looks like a brand-new robot started its marketing company. We’ve seen high-risk trading with incredible profitability. As usual, the marketing period ends in two months after rocking, so, we’d like you to collect data till Summer 2020. As well, you can do it on a provided demo account, taking into account that there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee provided. It’s noticeable that devs didn’t tell us anything about what level od drawdowns is ok for low/high-risk trading that we can go around. Probably, they didn’t know this intel yet. A plus of the robot is that the devs funded several times the account till it reached the $4800 mark. It means they can easily trust this amount to show the audience “we’re good and the robot is nice”.