Forex Diamond is one of many FX Automater’s EAs. The presentation is solid and explains every detail of robot settings, features, and strategies well. The robot is sold under the motto: “Brilliant and Profitable as a Diamond.” 

Forex Diamond

Forex Diamond: Characteristics

There are many characteristics explained:

Forex Diamond: Characteristics
  • The system is designed to work without human intervention automatically.
  • The product has two versions for MT4 and MT5 platforms.
  • It includes a dynamic trading logic. We don’t know its details.
  • The EA has trading results of GBP/USD and USD/JPY.
  • The algorithm can self-update.
  • The robot trades with a good frequency.
  • The money-management feature sets dynamic Stop Loss and Take Profit levels based on the available margin, not on the account balance.
  • There are over 40+ amazing recovery factors.
  • If the spreads are higher than five pips, the deals will not be opened.
  • There’s a Trailing Stop Loss feature.
  • The system proceeds the orders from opening to closing.
  • The default settings are profitable without a need for customization.
  • We’ll get access to the member area. 

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • There are three strategies behind the trading system implemented.
  • The Signal strategy is based on trading in the trend direction.
  • The Counter Trend strategy focuses on spotting reversal opportunities.
  • The Scalping strategy cuts little profits during the market volatility periods.

Forex Diamond Trading Performance


There are many backtests on the presentation. This is USD/JPY one on the M15 time frame. There was chosen 19-year tick data (1999-2018). The modeling quality was 90.00%. An initial deposit was $2500. The total net profit has become $39,018.66. The Profit Factor was 1.51. The maximal drawdown was only 2.69% ($856.37). Forex Diamond has closed 11949 trades with 76%-78% of the win-rate. 

Forex Diamond Myfxbook

Forex Diamond works on the real AUD account on IC Markets. It works on the MT4 automatically with 1:500 leverage. The account has a verified track record and trading privileges verified badges. It was created on April 08, 2019, and funded at AU$419.90. Since then, the absolute gain has become +98.56%. An average monthly gain is 2.91%. The maximum drawdown is 21.14 %. The account is tracked by ninety traders.

Forex Diamond advanced statistics

Forex Diamond has closed 3558 deals with 4605.6 pips. An average win is 11.25 pips when an average loss is -23.14 pips. The win-rate for Longs is 69% (1195/1723) when for Shorts is 72% (1333/1835). An average trade length is five hours. The Profit Factor is only 1.12.

Forex Diamond trading results

The robot focuses on working with GBP/USD (3043 deals) over USD/JPY (515 deals), but the most profitable is USD/JPY – 515 deals and  $163.97 of profit.

Forex Diamond trading results

The system trades all day long but increases activity during a night session.

Forex Diamond trading results

Monday (765) and Friday (740) are the most traded days.

Forex Diamond trading results

The system manages the account with medium risks to the balance.

Forex Diamond trading results

The loss deals aren’t often, but SL level at 50 pips hurts.

Forex Diamond monthly gain

The robot increases profitability three months in a row. Will it close in March 2021 with over 10% of the monthly profit?

How much does it cost?

Forex Diamond. We can get a -$60 discount if we hurry and buy it within the time.

We can get a -$60 discount if we hurry and buy it within the time.

Forex Diamond price

The robot sells for $237 instead of $297. We can get one real account license, several demo account licenses, support for four currency pairs, a news filter, versions for MT4 and MT5. The developers provide a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Forex Diamond price

We can buy it completely safely using a ClickBank paying service.

Forex Diamond. The package also includes welcome and knowledgeable support that’s ready to help, a user guide, free updates, and upgrades for a lifetime.

The package also includes welcome and knowledgeable support that’s ready to help, a user guide, free updates, and upgrades for a lifetime.

Reviews from customers

Forex Diamond. Reviews from customers

The company has a page on Forex Peace Army. Alas, there are no comments or rates. So, we have no idea how the system runs on traders’ accounts.

Should You Use Forex Diamond?

Well-known EA designer behind itNo team revealed
Well-designed presentationNo money-management advice given
Backtest reports providedNo EA settings explanations provided
Real-account trading results providedMediocre trading results in 2021
Safe checkoutNo people testimonials provided
A 60-day money-back guarantee provided


Forex Diamond is the system that works live and started making some money in 2021, especially in February and March 2021. Will this performance keep increasing, or this is just several profitable months before the next fall? We don’t know. For now, the best option is to check trading results and wait.