Any Luck the Forex Cruncher is a good EA to trade?

Forex Strategy Creators devs team has introduced Forex Cruncher to us. The EA is designed by people who have got over 10 years of trading experience and over 5 years of live programming. 

Forex Cruncher Robot site

As soon, we visited a site or went across tabs we’ve haunted by this suggestion.

The devs systemized robot’s features:

  • There are 2 open trades with no martingale
  • Very tight stop-loss level for every trade (10-30 pips)
  • Price action to rigger entry points without lagging indicators
  • Tick data backtesting with 99.9% accuracy from 2000
  • Unique protection system for profitable trades
  • Well-designed money-management system
  • Outstanding risk/reward ratio

An average RISK/REWARD RATIO is 1:2, so for every 2 losses, you only need 1 win to recover. The money-management system is automatically adapt risk to the size of the account. 

The devs promise us stable and save profit during the years. For running the forex robot we’ll need 24/5 working PC with the Internet or buy VPS service. Every buyer will get free updates. Forex Cruncher can be used with other EAs we’ll just need to check that “magic numbers” don’t mess up with each other.

Forex Cruncher strategy testing

Forex Cruncher strategy testing

We’ve got a picture without details of testing: time frame, risks, etc. So, we can’t be even positive about originality of this screenshot. It’s noticeable that it has been modified. We don’t sure that this testing from Forex Cruncher’s performance.

Forex Cruncher’s performance

Several other screenshots look edited as well. The cap to data has been added in Photoshop. If devs are afraid of sharing this intel it can mean that there’s something wrong with this.


Forex Cruncher Robot Pricing

Paying $100 we’ll get something. The devs don’t explain how many account demo and live ones we’ll get in the package, and nothing has been told about support. The devs told us that we’ll get our copy of EA after two days after payment. Instead of explanations, the seller offers us a 60-day money-back guarantee. 



  • Cheap price
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • We’re hard pushed to buy the robot ASAP
  • Lack of strategies explanations
  • Lack of setting explanations
  • Lack of real backtests
  • No 3rd part verified trading results
  • Cheap price
  • 2 days of delivering delaying
  • Nothing told about support
  • Annoying suggestion to give them an email in order to get something
  • Fake feedback
  • No verified ratings across the web

Forex Strategy Creators tried “to sell” Forex Cruncher but no avail. All the presentation looks like one big nothing. There’s nothing that can help us to make the right decision. We’ve got fake backtests, no real trading results, and fake feedback. The robot may be good, why not, but the seller sells it unprofessionally. You may try it if you want, especially, remembering that there’s a 6-0day money-back guarantee.