Today’s review will be about the Forex Combo System robot designed by FXAutomater. 

The first we’ve seen had been that the robot trades fully-automated, there are 10 years of proven Forex results, and there are 4 autonomous strategies.

forex combo system winter sale The next we can see is the -30 OFF “Winter Sale” offer. 

forex combo system price According to backtest results we’re offered to this gain during the eleven years period.

The forex robot includes some useful features like The stop-loss protection that won’t allow you to lose more money than has been set. The money-management system designed to work with various risks a trader would like to run. The volatile market protection allows almost not open new trades in volatile markets.

Forex Combo System supports two currency pairs: EUR/USD and GBP/USD. The robot fits every brokerage company. Notifications will provide you intel when the robot decides to open or close a position. We’re proved that the fx robot is compatible with other EA we may use.

forex combo system messages The robot sends the messages to email or cellphone to make our live terminal-free.

forex combo system guarantee

Forex Combo devs provide us with the 60 money-back guarantee system. 

forex combo system price

The robot itself costs nothing money, including -$50 off, $100. It’s a very cheap offer.


Forex Combo System strategy

How the devs said the robot focused on trading strategies that are proven to deliver profit. There are several of them: scalping, trend-detection, market correction, and range detection. 

The Scalping strategy allows a trader to complete successful trades with low risk.

Trend Detection uses sophisticated Trend Detection strategies and analyzes a lot of signs to provide profitable trades.

Market Corrections one “captures deep market corrections at the exact instant the current trends are exhausted,” they said to predict where the market will go.

Range Detection one runs well-designed algorithms to find a non-trending market and adjusts it’s trade detection accordingly.

forex combo system strategy It’s an example of the backtests of the scalping strategy on the EUR/USD currency pair. So, what we’ve got. The profit factor is a midrange one as for backtests and equals 1.64. The robot performed with very high DDs: 57.74%. There have been performed 902 trades. The short positions’ win rate is almost 82%. The long positions’ win rate is 77.23%. The max row of the consecutive losses is 5.

forex combo system trading results There’s a backtest of the EUR/USD currency pair with applying Trend Strategy. The profit factor is 1.66. The max drawdowns were low, but still high enough and equaled 37.16%. There have been traded 1163 trades. The short positions’ win rate is 44.75%, longs one is 45.53%. 

Counter Trend and Range strategies look almost the same. 

forex combo system trading results There are results of the 4 strategies performing at the same time. The profit factor went higher and equaled 1.75. Minimal Drawdowns were still high (32.59%). Shorts’ win rate is 60.56% longs’ one is 59.92%.

Trading results

forex combo system trading results The robot has been applied to the demo USD account with Alpari as a brokerage company and Leverage 1:500 on the MetaTrader 4 platform. During 3 years, the robot has got +260% of the gain. The average monthly gain is quite low and equals 3.64% with the mid-level of DDs (27%). 

forex combo system advanced statistics There have been traded 630 trades with 2056 pips. The longs won win rate is 57%, shorts one is 64%. The profit factor is 1.33. The average trade length is about 20 hours.

forex combo system statistics Forex Combo System works with a high level of risks.

forex combo system monthly gain

The robot trades vary in 2019 depends on the month. 5 from 12 have ended with losses. 

Customers reviews / other notes

forex combo system customers reviews

forex combo system customers reviews

After checking comments across the web we find a lot of people who don’t like results that robot provides with standard settings.

Review Summary


  • Very Cheap offer
  • Multistrategy robot
  • The 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Weak trading results that wise vary comparing to backtests
  • Weak money-management system
  • The robot can’t provide us stable profit
  • Negative feedbacks
  • Support works very badly