Today’s review will be about a Forex Blade company. The site doesn’t look professional at all. It seems for us it’s another scam.

Forex Blade LLC - There are media that mentioned this person in articles

There are media that mentioned this person in articles. 

Forex Blade LLC article
Forex Blade LLC article

It’s a total scam. A newbie on Forex Market can’t provide signals. To become a Forex expert or analyst, a trader has to trade years, not like this guy, just several months.

Forex Blade LLC presentation

It’s another scam and lie. The scammer beware of other scammers. We wouldn’t trust any of these paid articles because they had no proof behind them. We’ve heard that he made $60k providing signals, but we saw no verified account trading results, which show that this person is a real trader. Most likely, he used someone’s EA to generate signals and sell them as his own.

Forex Blade LLC blog posts

There are several posts on the blog. We’ve seen the same posts in October and November. The developers just updated their publishing date.

Forex Blade LLC: Characteristics

Forex Blade LLC - courses

The services are grouped up in EA v3 (v2020 was removed) and Forex Blade University. Both of them are introduced using a “lesson” template.

Forex Blade LLC Characteristics
  • The EA works fully-automatically.
  • It trades on the MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • There’s a Martingale strategy on the board.
  • Martingale can’t be the main strategy. There should be something else like Grid, Trend, or price averaging. 
  • We don’t know anything about the main strategy.
  • The robot works on real and demo accounts.
  • There’s a 30-day trial.
Forex Blade LLC course
  • All info is systemized in several points.
Forex Blade LLC - clicked Register after filling in info about us
  • As soon as we clicked Register after filling in info about us, we’re warned that the site is a scam and our info is dangerous.
Forex Blade LLC dashboard
  • There’s a video with settings and explanations. We don’t know how these number of licenses and customers are connected to our user experience.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

Forex Blade LLC  how to connect

Only from the download page, we can know a bit more about the robot.

  • The EA requires an insane amount of margin – 0.01 Lot for each $1000. It means the robot sits in huge and long-term drawdowns all time.
  • We can trade on 3-4 pairs maximum.
  • It works with USD/JPY, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and EUR/JPY.
  • The system sets TP at 17 pips.
  • Several months ago, the developer suggested trading without SL levels at all. Now, the SL is set at 10 pips.

Forex Blade LLC Trading Performance

Forex Blade LLC Trading Performance

As we can see, the developer removed the system from listing on myfxbook.

Forex Blade LLC Trading Performance

There are only screenshots of someone’s trading results from Discord. Of course, these results are not verified. 

Forex Blade LLC Trading Performance

The developer carefully hides the account where his chartings were made from. 

How much does it cost?

We couldn’t find the price of the EA after a 30-day free trial expired. It’s not professional at hiding the offer details from potential customers.

Reviews from customers

Forex Blade LLC Reviews from customers

There are several onsite positive reviews.

Forex Blade LLC rates

The company has a profile with a 4.4 from 5 rates on Trustpilot based on 14 reviews. 

Forex Blade LLC Reviews from customers

As we can see from the tags, all these reviews about the educational side of his business, and there’s nothing about the robot’s one.

Should You Use Forex Blade LLC?

Discord channelNo settings explanations provided
Insane margin requirements
Martingale on the board
We know only about Martingale strategy. The rest is hidden
No backtests provided
No trading results provided
Trading results of the second version of the EA was removed by the developer
No testimonials about the EA’s performance provided
No offer revealed
No money-back guarantee


Forex Blade robot is for those who want to try a free EA with not well-designed Martingale on a real account. It’s a sort of madness. We stay in the position that a good EA should be paid. Any developer would like to create a sophisticated robot and give it away for free. Hiding pricing significantly decreases a level of transparency, as well as, our trust because the vendor can manipulate the offer. It’s common sense. Just spend $250-$500 for a copy of a good product that you well checked and be happy in 2021 enjoying profits.